Need some guidance please

Ok so my question is this…has anyone ever harvested in only 6 weeks when you have a 8 to 9 week strain such as strawberry cush? I’m at the endof week 6 and I got several buds with nice frosty tricombs with a splash of amber inside and around the buds not the leafs. Catch I’ve never known anyone to harvest before time was up and I’m wondering if I managed to speed things up to much to the point of prematurity

I’ve read that some people harvest based upon maturity of the bud. If you have a few buds that
are showing an over abundance of amber trichs (around their preferred speed of buzz) then
they chop those buds and let the others advance a few more weeks. It depends upon the over all quality of the trich maturity. You like that head buzz with get up and go energy, chop the
ones ready for the axe. If you still have some mostly cloudy with a chance of fail buds, leave
them on the vine to grow into the same type of buzz you like. That’s what I’ve read, anyway.

To be absolutely clear, I’m a noob. I read a bunch of other peoples posts and articles hoping
to find answers to my own problems. I suggest confirming EVERYTHING I said before doing
anything at all. I’m a trained professional idiot, proceed at your own risk.


There are all kinds of actions that can stall a plant out in mid flower. I’ve done it myself. More than likely there is nothing you can do to stimulate it into additional flower production. Bulk may be less but potency is likely to be higher.

I don’t even look at trichomes. I view the entire plant.

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What are fail buds I would think super ripe buds are WINNERS

Trichs that are still clear when harvested.

From my experience harvesting with mostly clear trichs dont have much terpenes developed either and wont ever smell dank but mostly grassy and the high is meh

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AGREED ^^^ early harvest is lack luster for sure

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Hence me calling them ‘fail buds’. When I’ve smoked early nugs the high was that annoyed
and paranoid feeling rather than the mellow buzz you get from older ganja. Doesn’t last long

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I agree. Did the same to me. Made me worried and paranoid. Pure sativas tend to do that to me still aswell. I had some Durban poison recently and i ended up giving the rest away

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Love me a strong sativa… super silver hazr I’m off and running getting all kinda shit done

Lol I feel ya and I’m the same. I just started growing Thanksgiving of 2019 but I’ve managed to pull out about 10 pounds over the course of the nextb13 months and guarantee ya that was either sheer chance or real lucky . This one I’ve got now I expect to yeild 5 pounds between the 4 plants . Pretty much owe alot of my success and knowledge I’ve gained from this forum . Theres all types here and I’ve been accepted and I’m sure you will be to here and they will help guide you as they did me no matter hopelessly goofy or fumble fingers you are🥂 cheers to the ilovegrowingmarijuana community