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Little help please…My LSD has been planted since 11-6. I am not sure what to do next or I’m in a waiting period? I mist them a couple times a day and they have been watered 3 times since 11/6. I have noticed the roots showing at the bottom of rock wool cubes and wasn’t sure if i should place them in a larger rock wool cube. I will be doing RDWC. I am using a 40 watt CFL at this time. Please see attached pics and thanks for any help.

Here’s a couple of things to think about:

Seedlings need very little water. I have 3 week old plants and they’ve only had a couple of ounces of water at most. The 1st time was with 5ml water each and the last watering was only 2 ounces each, which I put on them 4 days ago.

It looks like they are becoming root-bound and need to be put in your growing medium. Be patient. Seedlings will often have stalled growth while they establish a root system.

Seedlings don’t need a whole lot of light. The one photo shows a light pretty close to the plant. If it is that way most of the time then you might try moving the light a little further away. Both heat and too much light can stress a young seedling. Once you get a few weeks into veg them give them all of the light you can without overtemping them.

Once the plants are happy with their environment, then growth will really take off and accelerate with noticeable growth from day to day.

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Yes that is the distance the CFL has been to the plants.
When you say put them into the grow medium do you mean place them in 4" rock wool cube and leave under cfl? Or put them in there final spot which in my case in a DWC basket? This is my 1st rodeo and just want to make sure. Thank you


I not smart on DWC methods, but the roots do need more room to grow. I grow in dirt and transplanted my seedlings when they were 5 or 6 days old. The seedlings stalled for several days and then really took off.

I’d move that light back far enough so that it doesn’t cause heating of the seedling (and then just a bit more.) I’ve had my lights too close to seedling before too and the plants stalled again because of it. CFLs don’t put out a whole lot of light, but they do produce some warmth.

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You can spray the inside of the dome/plastic to increase moisture, rather than directly spraying the leaves. Standing water on the leaves can cause them to burn if too close to the light, or if left wet for too long under the light, especially at a young age.

I’m not familiar with RDWC either. I’ll try to tag a few people who are.

edit: I just noticed you already have the dome. Sorry. The plants look really wet, though. You should just be misting the dome.

@kettle I know you run this type of stuff. Do you have any recommendations for when and how to transplant when moving into RDWC? Figured you might know, or could tag someone who does.

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When the root system can touch the bottom of the net pot is when I transplant into my hydro setup


Bottom of your blocks shouldn’t be on the surface of any table either, gotta let them fall into the water below. Don’t know what happens if they get turned back into the cubes your using


Pharmer Bob,
It sounds like i need to put them into 4" rock wool cubes now since the roots are turning back into cubes? Once the roots can be seen from bottom from the new 4" cube then they are ready for net pot? Appreciate all the input on light distance misting etc…


no don’t do that, rockwool is pretty dangerous stuff in rdwc (root rot) can u take a photo of the set up they are going into? do u have a ec/ pHmeter? :smile:

im new to rdwc but going ok… the fist run of plants not so lucky…:smiling_imp:

so id peel or cut that silver tape off, and really listen… have the water level 1.5-2 inces below the ‘bottom’ of the net pot… with lots of air…its the bubbles popping that wets the plant enough

there are a few,

@PharmerBob, @Grandaddy013, @Noctis420@peachfuzz.

try and put as much information as u can… and a few photos…

:grin: kettle

and I have forgotten a fair, like @TDubWilly… and more…:grin:


If that’s the route your taking go for it. I let my roots dangle till they finally long enough to transfer to the hydroton and net pot.

If you put a reservoir below the cubes now and add an air pump to keep the water oxygenated then they’ll be fine. Make sure the basin for the reservoir you use is dark and doesn’t let light thru

Actually @Sirwinney , unless you are using a really powerful CFL bulb, it looks like your light distance is perfect. With a 23 watt CFL bulb (get a 6500K bulb if you can), a distance of 4-6 inches is just right. Leave it on 24 hours a day for the first two weeks.
You’ll want better lighting once it gets to the vegetative state, of course.

are you saying to transfer into 4 inch rockwool cubes?

I would not

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Those plants need to be in their final home. Top feeding until roots get into the nutrient solution. Dome them as well as they will appreciate the boost in RH.

Keep your TDS low like 200 ppm when you first set up your tanks. Lots of airflow and the rez level should be 2" below the net pot. And bump the light intensity up.


Kettle and PharmerBob,
I was going to put them into 4" rockwool now and back under cfl light until they were more established then into net pot. It sounds like they need to go into net pot now from what I am reading here? They seem to small in my mind to do that now with the clay pebbles and deep net.

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It’s helpful to have a second pair of hands ready to load hydroton in around the rock wool cube. Wash the hydroton first!

Here’s my current grow if interested:

Doing simple bucket hydro with GH nutes now which you may find illuminating.

The hydro guys besides the ones you’ve met are: @peachfuzz @Bogleg @TDubWilly as my go to for more advanced information.


yeah mate, everyone agrees… and id be getting them in their final home now… :grin:, I suspect u have work to do…

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Yes I do have work to do…A lot earlier than I anticipated… Just to verify.
My plants now will sit in the bottom of my net pot 1-2" above water levelin Res? Hydroton goes around rockwool to level with the top of wool? I suppose i ad hydroton as the plant continues to grow? I have a 1200 w LED, 1000w led and a 40w cfl in my 4x8 grow tent.


I’m also RDWC. Mine go in the net pot when they look like this.