Need opinions on starting my indoor grow

So… it’s getting cold here in good ol’ maine. That nasty white crap will be all over the damn place soon. :slightly_frowning_face: this will be my first time growing from start to finish inside, so my question today is what is the best method? Tent or room conversion, and lighting as well. I have a 12×14 room upstairs of my home. It’s carpeted right now. I’m just looking for what has worked well for others in a similar situation. Heard a lot about the led lighting, but have never used them myself… what do y’all suggest?

I run with mars hydro2 leds really good on the wallet both price wise an electric consumption if you have a room to convert i would suggest using it, you will have more space an save the cost of a tent. If cost is not an issue tents are good to keep prying eyes at bay (except for the fact your average person knows what they are for) lighting is one of the most important things you will need are you planning on soil or dwc?

I run all led light my self there are many option for lights
I personally like full spectrum lights
I have cobs and reg led styles
If you can convert room I personally think that would Best But it really depends on how many plants you want to grow at once
I have two 4x4 tent and can grow 4 per tent
I will be build out my grow room tho and removing tents in the near future to gain more space I’ll almost triple my availabile space just by removing tents and building on to existing room just a little bit
You can put catch trays under the pots if you don’t want to remove carpet
They sell panda plastic on Amazon that you could put up on walls to help reflect light in room
Or use washing machine pans under pots you could probably fit two pants per tray ?
@mainah you could just paint room as well with flat bright white paint don’t use gloss paint tho
:v:Cb :cowboy_hat_face:

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We have a 4x4x6.6 tent and a 2x3x3 tent. Both have full spectrum LED lights with carbon filters with inline fans with small fans in the tents. They also have an inline fan for fresh air (6" for big tent and 4" for the small tent). We have learned that light is your best friend, especially during flowering to get those heavy solid buds that we all love. Good luck with whatever road you take…keep us posted.

I’ve only ever used soil @JoshawaM, so I’ll prob stick with it. @Buck3 My husband and I are still working out which room to use, but I think we will just put the money into converting the whole room. Spout lighting will be the biggest purchase.
What are the bennies to leds? @Countryboyjvd1971, I’ve never heard of panda plastic, prob be much easier than ripping up carpet. Haha. Thanks for all the info guys, I’ll make sure to keep u posted, I’m sure we will have plenty more questions anyhow…:confused:

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Any time we all like to help others get good at our hobbies an past times lol

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What are washing machine pans?

Also a room conversion is is probably better for controlling temps.

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That are pan you put under your washing machine Incase they leak you can pipe them out to a drain as well if you chose to @Fever any decent hardware store or the big box ones carry them maybe 15$ ea


Washing machine pan!

My man @bob31 your always ready to post a link nice job brother

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I’m 6 hours behind tho! LOL

Better late then never @bob31

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Am a newbie on my first grow and my girls are on day one of flower. Used led’s and a t5 for side light. Using a tent for my main grow. Second one because the first one turned out too small for 4 plants. Down to 3 plants now and larger tent and they are starting to get crowded with the 3. 48x36x72 tent. If you have a room use it. Gives you alot more options and better control.

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The only problem with a room is that your precious light can go all over the room instead of hitting the plants. That’s why people use reflective tents. You can make your own tent: Aluminized survival blankets are cheap. So is plain old flat white paint, so you can fashion any kind of box, even from cardboard and paint it flat white inside. My first grow used an old shower we never used so it had a drain and I used rubber cement to put aluminum foil on the walls. You want to plan how many plants and make your tent big enough to support them, but not much bigger because that will result in wasted light. For example, 4 autos take no more than 4 square feet each, so you want a 4’ by 4’ tent.

You also have to think about stealth and air movement. Are you legal, or do you have to hide? If so, then you need a carbon filter or everybody on your street will know you are growing! Are there windows? Will neighbors see lights come on at a fixed time every day? Will your room need heat, AC, and humidity control?