Need light advise

Im looking to buy a light to bring my outdoor plant inside to finish flowering, i got a little room that i can put the plant in and 100% dark but i don’t have any lighting for the daytime.
I dont want to invest a lot of money, i dont plan any indoor growing in the futur, i just want to finish this plant inside for the last weeks of flowering and maybe use this light to start seedling inside in next spring before putting them outside…
Maybe @dbrn32 may suggest me something i could work with for one plant that is not to expensive… any idea ?!

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How big is your space?
If your doing it now that means you may have to do the exact same thing next year.
Cheapest option is to DIY it with the gurus advice. That being said your better off building it for flower and buying a cheap cfl 6400k to start seedlings I woild think.


Buying a light to finish a plant is a lot different than buying a light to start plants. For seed starting a small fluorescent light is probably most popular. But it’s not really going to do squat for finishing a plant.


I really need a light just to finish one plant inside for the last 3-4 weeks, for seedling next spring i’ll probably start them with cfl bulb like @Nicky suggest…

I don’t want anything expensive, just enough to finish this plant inside instead of let it go to the garbage bin!
I saw some led grow light panel around 50-60$ on amazon, i dont know if they are good for what i need, or should i go with a couple of 40w 2700k cfl bulbs?!

Anything on amazon is junk.
Your gonna spend 100$+ and even then meh…
So if I was you I would decide how much bud is worth to you, if you feel like you will produce as much or more than the lights worth then fly at it.
Or cut your losses and grind it all up turn it into concentrate.

But whatever you do don’t cheap out you will regret it first at the end of your grow, secondly when you go to use it again, 3rd when you realize you can’t sell it.

Honestly I would check to see if you can find used HID, MH or HPS or some other grow light on Facebook marketplace, Kijiji & craigslist.
Probably your best bet.

This would be a start…?


The last 3-4 weeks are when plants put on the most weight. And we don’t know if you have a 12" plant that’s going to produce 5-10 grams or a 3’x3’ scrog that’s probably capable of producing a pound. That’s why lighting is sized by area and not plant count.

You can finish your plant with any light you want, but if you don’t give it the required amount of light energy your plant will suffer and not produce what its suppose to. If you’re okay with that, then go ahead and just put a couple of cfl’s in there. Otherwise we would need to know what size area you need to light or some other reference to what you’re looking to accomplish in order to help.

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Ok thanks for your quick answers guys, i understand a little bit better what im into now!
This is my plant one week ago

And the small room i put in at night is around 6’x3’x10’…
this is my first time growing so i really don’t know if it worth something to invest some money to finish this plant inside, and i dont think i would get more than an oz with perfect condition ?!

So right now im questioning myself about trowing it to the garbage or trying to finish it inside with a decent result but i dont want to spend more money than it’s going to give me in buds like @Nicky said…
Hard decision to make :thinking:


I wanted to add that a current picture not a week old is very important, plants can change ALOT in a week.

What strain is that? Holy hell it looks cool, black leaves…

It’s hard but it’s your decision. I mean even if your in Canada and it produced only 1oz that means it’s 140-180$ Canadian you can spend on a light and still break even.
It’s math just do the math give us a updated picture.
What does an OZ cost where you live?

In the end you have to decide

Something like this would work for you as well


I totally get where you’re coming from. It may not be this grow, but a decent grow light WILL pay for itself in one grow.

Your plant looks like it suffered from a nutrient or ph issue, but that’s not the end of the world. Will still have some nice buds. I think you should maybe get something decent and slowly build yourself an indoor space. You can still be primarily be an outdoor grower but run a winter indoor grow too. The light hogmaster linked above people regularly harvest a half pound plus in 3x3 space with. I feel like it’s worth considering.


I better get a half pound or more in my new 3x3 space with 2 plants in it using my 480w board that is about to be on order lol.
Although the heat and energy used on those HPS just is to much for me.

Ps I’m sure you can EASILY FIND a used fixture and bulbs people haven’t used. I find them kn Kijiji, craigslist, FB marketplace all the time

Thanks to all of you !!

This is some pictures of the plant right now @Nicky,

To make a short story about this plant, i found a couple of seeds in some Death Bubba weed i bought last winter so i tried to grow them this summer. I wasnt ready at all and I certainly did all the mistake a beginner can do but i manage to keep this one alive even with some nutrient/ph issues etc and bad weather/cold night in the last month, i think that why it turn purple (very cold night). So here i am and i really want to finish it and keep learning the good stuff and be a better farmer next spring :wink:

I dont have a lot of money to invest in a light, i understand the fact that i maybe going to use it in the futur but right now i cant go much more than 100-150$ in canadian dollars, so the light you suggest is a little bit to much!

Right now the only daylight i give to this plant is by the widow, is something like that would be a better choice than the window ?!?

I know there is a lot a crap on amazon but is it possible to find something decent in my price range that is easy to use, suspend, plug in on 120v and put the light on.
I read somewhere that 4x 42watts 2700k cfl bulbs could work, i know it’s not the best, but is it going to be better than by the window…

My goal is not to have the biggest yeild possible out of this plant but just to finish it with something smokable that will not give my only a headache haha

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Honestly, you need horsepower to make buds pop! I’d suggest borrowing an HID or HPS lamp if you can. That’s a tough call? A lot of growers are ditching HIDs for LED now maybe you can source a used fixture at a grow store and buy a bulb? If you plan to go LED its gonna cost some big bucks for a good flowering fixture though, even if you make it yourself they are expensive.
Option C and maybe the only one you have… hoop house and small heater?

Where in Canada are you man?
Like I said and @Cannabian said alot of used stuff on Kijiji and Facebook marketplace (because it’s legal for us) I’m in Alberta red deer.

Definitely try and find a used HPS setup that will be your best bet any LED for your price range won’t really do much

With good lights, good nutrition and plenty of room for roots you should do double that. Or better.


I’m from Quebec city, and that not 100% legal here, weed is legal, growing is not for the moment !
But i’m looking on kijiji right now and there is some HPS light for sale ! Im searching :wink:


I Geuss I never realized I have been harvesting 2/3 of a pound consistently. Hopeful with some good genetics, better environment control I can get to a pound off two plants


Hope you voted today, from the province doing weed the best under new rules. Alberta lol

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You can get 2 pounds off one plant if you have a large pot, enough space and the right plant!

Keep in mind I’m away away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time lol