Need help with time to harvest or not

This is Durban Poison from ILGM at the end of her 9th week of flowering and my eyes are horrible so I can’t tell if she’s ready or not ? Any help is greatly appreciated !


Looks close. Keep in mind that DP is a landrace strain sativa that can take a little longer to ripen.


Do you think maybe another week ? I don’t want to be impatient, but I also don’t want more amber than cloudy trich’s. I prefer that heady sativa high.

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Even with the picture you took, can still see a bit of cloudiness. I would give her more time. I am also growing DP from ILGM. Going into week 7, starting Tuesday.
Photo_2023-11-18 17_23_51_200
Photo_2023-11-18 17_24_49_157
Photo_2023-11-18 17_26_16_087


My DP seems to be right on schedule at 8 weeks. She has some amber on the sugar leaves but the center is milky a small area of amber and clear. I will boost one more time next week then week 8 flush.

She looks great ! Is she feminized photo or Auto from ILGM ?

I apologize to everyone about asking for help on my not very good photos. I tried to take with my I phone through a 30x Vivosun jewelers loop I got off Amazon. First day the 60x lens fell out, and the 30x isn’t all that great either imo Can anyone recommend a good loop


@Fladida dont apologize bro. Its all good. Like @MidwestGuy advised Durban is a landrace that may take a lil longer to ripen up. I still see a lot of clear. The 2 durbans i ran took 11 weeks.

You can get a wireless microscope off amazon for about the same price as a good jewelers loop…


Thank you very much, !

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Your a really close , another week and you should be good. Awesome grow. End of the day its reall what kind of effects your looking for. Good mind experience you could pull it when most of the trichromes are cloudy with few amber and clear. Hard body or couch lock wait til your like 30 percent or better amber bit aft that youll have knock out flower sleep medicine. I myself perfer a good mind and energetic experience.

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Looks good. I had the same problem with my recent harvest. I kept taking close ups of the trichomes. Found a couple amber colored, mostly milky. Could have waited a week or two. I got that response a couple weeks in a row with little change in the nugs. The calyxes were swelling on a couple, so i just cut em all. No regrets!

She is feminised.

Yes, that’s what I got for around $40. Wireless and syncs to my phone. Live my microscope. But even with your phone we were still able to see clear.