First harvest, requesting help on timing

Hello Everyone!

I have ILGM’s Durban Poison nearing it’s 8th week of flowering and just want to make sure I get my timing right.

Here’s the latest pictures of the trichomes:

From what I can see, they seem to be in the “half clear/half milky” stage.

I was wondering how many days I can likely expect these to be all milky. I’d like to harvest right at it’s peak whiteness while also avoiding lots of amber. I assume I’m looking at possibly harvesting in about 4-5 days?

I’ve started to use only water now and have Fox Farm’s Sledgehammer in case I need to speed things along faster.

Any constructive input is much appreciated!

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Do you have pictures of the whole plant

More time way to much clear.
Keep. An eye out for just a tinge of Amber starting if you want a true sativa feel.

Here is a picture from a very well known seed company who shared their lab report

If it was an indica i would say wait way longer but with these sativas you have to catch them early so keep an eye on it.

Also invest in a USB microscope 15$ on amazon


This is from 4 days ago, I’d take a picture now but she’s sleeping at the moment.

(let it be known that I am aware I should have had a trellis netting)

Any tips on timing my flush speed is also appreciated. I argue with myself whether I should speed it along with the sledgehammer or just use water and watch the trichomes closely.

I’d like it to be as electrifying of a sativa as possible.

Don’t flush there is no point, you only hurt your yeilds and your taste.

Pictures to zoomed out for us to look at the buds but tricombs say to early.

Did you see the picture I posted?

I’ve never used a trellis net, use bamboo sticks and some plant Velcro or wire or those tie Wraps thst come on your grocies /electronics who Cares lol.

The most important thing is a steady breeze of wind to make the plant grow strong from day one build plant stocks strong.


Here we go!
Unfortunately, while this is the best pic I have, it’s only of one cola. I think the white balance of the photo makes it look more mature than it is, but I could be wrong.

I saw your pictures, were you meaning that the bit of amber is what they use for timing the harvest?

I do have a fan at the top of the tent and an oscillating fan at a bottom corner so they’re nice and airy now, I just moved my plants from a much smaller grow space about a week and a half ago, which is probably why it looks like it might have been crammed somewhere.

I should also mention that I did quite a trimming overhaul a week ago so the lower buds had more light and air.

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You’re in good hands @Nicky is :100: on information here.



If I’m not wrong you would want your’s similar to mine this is my GSC Auto

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@New.growth yours falls under the first harvestable. Which is a X for most. Won’t get any couchlock then.


It’s technically personal preference.
Gsc is a a 40/60 hybrid
Durban poison is a pure sativa (at least the original was it’s been stomped on these days depending on what see company and genetics but let’s treat it like a true sativa because it mostly is)

So it really depends on the user of the gsc because for someone like me I would want my GSC to Have 30% Amber, much more than your picture there.
While the Durban poisen should. Be harvested when the presence of Amber is starting to show on multiple locations, much like your gsc and again like my image above is showing.
So we are all on the same page but I just want to be transparent about the potential for miss communication to a new member.

@Ace-Smay your buds don’t look fully mature yet but they are getting there. Invest in a USB microscope that pocket microscope or loupe your using is not ideal for sharing your images and thus allowing experinced members to help you by training your eye.


Hello I am new to indoor growing. I am also using miracle grow performance organic soil. I have only been giving it water since I started it in April. She is in the flowering stage and budding well from wat I can tell, the soil has worked great no issues for months . The last few days I noticed that the leaves are turning yellow and falling off starting from the bottom and moving up.i just assumed that the soil was spent and that the buds had drained all the nutes Due to the fact that this is my 1st successful indoor grow, I am not sure how to fix this issue? Or wat nutes to give now. Any suggestions please.??

Hey NEWB42089, I’m sorry you didn’t get a response earlier but I hope you were able to find your answers in the meantime. If not, you will want to write your post on the main forum page.

My best answer to your question would be to look into Fox Farm 3 part nutrients or General Hydroponics 3 part nutrients. Either company’s products will fix just about any nutrient deficiency. But in this case, I think there is a chance your plant is just doing as nature intended, some girls just seem to go downhill at a point because they’re putting more energy into procreation. Don’t quote me on this though, I’m going through my first harvest too. XD

Here are my updated pics with a much better microscope. :wink:

Honest questions:
Is it good that these trichomes seem freakishly long?
Is there any chance that’s an indicator of THCA amount?
If not, is there such a thing?

Thanks in advance.

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@Nicky Any thoughts?

There at the point I would be looking at. Them every day.

What type of high do you want?

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@Nicky I’m hoping for something as psychedelic as possible with this one. I guess you could say I’d like it to resemble actual LSD as much as possible but I’ve never tried the real stuff so I wouldn’t actually know, XD

Based on my research, I think I’m aiming for about 50:50 milky:amber, but I’m starting to consider a more amber-heavy harvest.

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Well… Your not likey to get that effect to be honest.
There are some reports of that and some strains claim that but studies have been done and while reports do happen its a much different type of effect.

The best would be to I Geuss grow a strain like LSD and then harvest when the tricombs look a little more clear than yours do now, so earlier, then turn that plant into a concentrate like shatter or live resin so you could get the Fu potential out of its effects.

As for your harvest time I would put your plant in 48hr of darkness and harvest it after that.
So your done growing. You don’t want about as much Amber as your seeing right now and no more, it would be nice to have some more clear but next time.

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Nice, thank you very much for your help through this!
I’m very excited for this harvest and now I’ll have a wicked good harvest next time around because of you. :call_me_hand:

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Your welcome

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