Need help with this seedling

need help understanding what’s happening here when I transplanted, I did a bit early and when I did the soil that it sprouted in, had a little white mold. finguerd eh, see what happens planted anyways. Htrw a little then stopped been 10 days now

another pic of it

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And here are my two femd waiting games

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Looks good to me.

Are those big chunks gravel? Does the stalk look soggy or rotted? Like Covert said plant looks OK , just is not growing. How wet is the area around stalk?

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So the very first pick is the problem plant, theres 3 little stones that came in the ff ocean soil just for support cause when it sprouted one of the first 2 leafs fell off
No iv been keeping that one dryer then the other for a week or so and just started watering again
Its growing, but not fast by any means and it dosnt wanna grow tall…

Looks fine to me. Not sure what soil you are using, but I’ve seen fox farm get a little bit of film mold sometimes. No worries, can rake it a bit with your finger of you want. But your seedling looks good.

She looks beautiful to me.

So these girls are officially starting to veg, it’s been 2 weeks since they sprouted. The little girl to the left is the problem child what would cause her to grow so slow?
Should I just pull it and say f*** the hassle?

Hey @Holmes I’ve been keeping it dry for the most part but wet enough to continue to live and not die. Idea was to not let the mold die and not get worse. After w week of that I started feeding more by more till a extent. I know about over and under watering, that’s not the issue the plant Is just being wired & was hoping someone had similar issues.

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Hey @Covertgrower Covertgrower If you could take a look at my newest photos and give some advice if you could please.

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I’m guess they’re still green? Difficult to say through the blurple… :wink: Natural lighting is always best for pictures.
I’m sure they’re still going good.

She could just be showing a different pheno from one parent and the other plant is taking after the other? What is the strain? That light looks real close to me, how many watts and what are man. recommendations?

took this, this morning before work the tall one is waiting game and the shorty is a random seed I got from som fire weed both the germinated and planted at the same, however the little guy sprouted almost 3 days after the 2 waiting games. I’m worried its root locked or something of that nature @Holmes @Covertgrower

They are all full spec lights and they are the right height for the wattage

Looks to be about 12 inches, if you move it up some she will try to stretch to it! I have found in a lot of cases the “runt” is the one to watch later! I am not sure the people who made that light have ever grown weed, so most of their statements are probably a starting point and not the "final " word! If you try something and it is not working, tweak it a little and you will see the results either way. Then you will KNOW what works and what does not for your setup!

I get what your saying this isnt my first time with these light just first time having a problem like this but I’m gonna raise it a few inches and see if she stretches at all in the next few days. Thank brother

Plus the panels above the runt are only 45 watts each, I wanna put my 300w led full spec bulb in place of the 2 panels but it makes so much heat for some reason

Looks okay to me. Holmes has you covered.