Need help with ratio, is my math correct?

Can anyone confirm for the 0.4L of water

1 tsp. Per gallon:
1:750=> 10L water=> 13.3mL
1:750=> 1L water=> 1.33mL
1:750=> 0.4L water=> 0.552mL

1/2 tsp. Per Gallon:
1:1500=> 10L water=> 6.7mL
1:1500=> 1L water=> 0.67mL
1:1500=> 0.4L water=> 0.268mL

1/4 tsp. Per gallon:
1:3000=> 10L water=> 3.3mL
1:3000=> 1L water=> 0.33mL
1:1300=> 0.4L water=> 0.132mL

Inbetween 1/2 and 1/4 tsp per 0.4L

thanks, but i was more interested in numbers :b

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