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Need help I have a 5gallon hydroponic the directions Say use 5 milliliters Of booster and 5milliliters Of grow boosters so how much do I use for 5 I double it

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I assume the direction say use 5 ml of Booster per 1 liter of water. that being said, 5 gallons is equivalent to 20 liters. Per the manufactures directions 5 gallons of mix requires 100 ml of Booster. Many growers use 1/2 of the manufacturers recommendations, self included.

in summary, the manufacturer recommends 100 ml of Booster per 5 gallons of water. To 1/2 that is your choice. The same goes for the Grow Booster.

Don’t forget to PH!

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Bottle says; Use 10-20ml per 10 liters. This equates to 1-2 ml per liter.

In gallons I recommend 4-7ml per gallon, depending on your stage of growth.

A Qt. is slight less than a liter. So you can still break it down to 1-2ml per Qt. Or; Since a gallon is less than 4 liters. I come yp with 4-7ml per gallon.

If you have a 5 gallon bucket; chances are that you are not using 5 gallons, but only approx. 4 gallons. This would mean that you can add 16-28ml per 5 gallon bucket solution change. Which can be rounded off to 1-2 TBS. per reservoir change

1Tbs./15ml - 2Tbs./30ml per 4 gallons/5g bucket of PH’d water. Hope this helps

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Does anyone have a link for booster I had it on my phone but lost it .I have purchased the booster and it works with perfection I need a schedule that I had please help Thanks
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