Need help with my autoflower seedlings

Anyone no why my leaves a starting to curl downwards alittle bit? Have been trying not to over water this round could it be from not enough water?


How much water are u giving them

Check your lighting their young and delicate… not saying that’s what’s wrong but it’s something to consider… :pray:

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Have just been giving it a light water about 150ml at a time every few days or so when its seems dry

Ok thats a good amount for them do u have liquid seaweed if so mic a litre of water with 1.5 mls of liquid seaweed that will help good root growth and it will give ur seedlings a little bit of food with out burning them or if u dont have liquid seaweed u can use half teaspoon of molasses instead

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Much appreciated i have a seaweed extract that i could give her ill try that the next waterings

Thats what is use all the time and i have no problem with this

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