I need help whats wrong with my autoflowers

What’s wrong with my seedlings

y seedlings

They don’t look bad. But the soil is a bit on the wet side for seedlings.

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I was afraid I was over watering them

They won’t need water for quite some time. You want the roots to go searching for water.


How close are your lights, look a little light burned also. Aim for like 24 inches if your using led

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I have them in a 4x4 tent with two hydro crunch 600 watt led lights. But I have them 36 inches from the plants. Should I turn one of the led light off

@Chopper75 The top 2 pics look like there canoeing upwards and look a little brittle, the bottom puc looks droopy like she is overwatered. Not really too sure on what to do with the light situation