Need help with LED lighting for 2x4x6

2x4x6 grow tent. I have two 600w keegrow leds. Should I run both at same time?

With those lights you will need all the help you can get. And I do mean ALL the help you can get. Good luck trying to get a good crop weight. Long as you can keep the canopy temps down.

I just looked those lights up on Amazon. Oh boy uou got screwed sideways. Only 70 watts off the wall. You will be lucky to get to even get a 1/2 oz dried, cured and no stems.

Hey @Redeyes4life those burples from Amazon are false advertising, don’t understand why Amazon allows them to be sold with it. I also bought a burple ( many new growers do) mine said 1500w, turns out to be 239 actual draw watts.

I keep it for seedling and early veg stage…maybe 3 weeks total.

Mrpeat is right, unfortunately for you, you won’t get much bud from them, from what I have seen and read.

I went old school and packed 600w MH bulbs in, and very happy, however it’s old system and many aren’t fans…but I blew my original budget because of lights…

Speaking of, do you have a budget left? I’d return those lights, invest into the most important part of grow process, which is the lights.

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