Need help with leaf problems

This is Chronic Bud photo period. Just switched to 12-12 a few days ago. I use FF nutes which I adjust pH of before using in soil. The last few days I have noticed some striping of leaf color and some brown spots, not sure what it is. Looks like a nute deficiency combined with septoria. The light was to close for a bit so I moved it up, and that took care of some cupping issues. Any help would be appreciated.

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Doesn’t look like septoria to me. What are your runoff numbers? Have you tried cal mag?

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Beachglass, I have not tested runoff but can later this evening. I have a SF 3000 light and am growing in ff soil in fabric pots. Have not given any cal mag in several weeks

PH is 6.8 for run off.

Also do you think I should remove a few more leaves?

What is you ec or tds of runoff? This will help you figure how she is taking in nutes. Wouldn’t hurt to cal mag at next water.

Do not know how to check tds or ec. Is that another type of tester I need to get? This is only my second grow

Yes. TDS meter is one of the rare things in growing where a cheap one works fine. Should be able to order one for $10-15. They’re used to measure the strength of your nutrient solution going in and to measure the runoff coming out. You’ll definitely want to get one. It’s one of the most important tools in the growers kit.

TDS and EC are just different ways of measuring the same thing. But do get a meter with both modes. Get one that in the 500 scale. It’s the most commonly used.

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I now have the meter, what should the readings be?

The fox farms nutrient schedule has the ppm/EC targets for your nutrient solution. That measures how strong your nutrient solution is. Whether you mix according to that chart or some custom blend let us know the ppm and EC of your nutes going in and the same for the runoff and we’ll help you understand what they mean. When you catch runoff dump the first cup or so that comes out then collect and test the rest.