Need help with Fox Farm feeding schedule

@Bobbydigital Can I tag you in my journal? I need help with my clones. It’s my first time and they don’t look too hot

Sure can

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@BobbyDigital Ya I just tested it again after shaking it more. 276 that time. Hmmm. I hope my PPM isn’t off.

I mean shaking the nute bottles. All the stuff settles to the bottom of the bottles and need to be shaken vigorously.

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@BobbyDigital Ohhhhh maybe that’s why. I know I shook them, but it wasn’t much. I’ll dump that gallon out and try it again, shaking the 2 bottles harder this time.

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You said you’re going to use this for week 5. When is that? You want to use the nutrient solution immediately, you don’t want to store it.

@BobbyDigital I’m just practicing now and Learning so when week 5 is here I’ll know what to do right away. I won’t be storing it.

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@BobbyDigital. What does it mean when it says PPM (700) scale in the guide I got. And you mentioned you adjusted it for 500 scale. What do those numbers mean?

The ppm readings are of a prepared solution before you feed the plants. The powdered items in the purple section are good to add to your routine.

As for the 500 or 700 ppm scale, look at the instructions that came with you pen and it will tell you what you have.

@CMichGrower I checked and it doesn’t mention that in the manual. It’s a Ketotek KT-2 TDS meter. It says it’s rage is 0-9990 PPM

500 scale is 500ppm= 1EC
700 scale is 700ppm= 1EC

You can check which scale your meter is on by testing something (water, nutrient solution, etc) in ppm and then switch to EC.

That solution that you had before (about 270ppm) would read just under .6 EC if your meter is 500 scale. It would read just under .4 if it’s on the 700 scale. Here is a chart for ppm/ec reference. 500 is on the left (Hanna) and 700 is on the right (truncheon).

I must have a really cheap one. I don’t see a EC setting. It’s just on/off and Hold.

According to the seller it is on the 500 scale

@Zee I’m very new to this as well. I’m on “day 15”. Taking her from seedling to vegetative state.For the past week or so, I’ve been using water containing 1 teaspoon of Big Grow to a gallon of purified water. I was watering approx 20 ounces or so every other day but with this formula and flushing every other feeding with plain water should put me on track.
I wanted to thank you for your last bit of wisdom

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how do you get the runoff back into the cup?

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I use a 300ml syringe, with a small tube, suck it out of the saucer.