Need Help With Coco Grow, Plants in Week 4 Veg dyeing All the Sudden

Need help, second grow in a row that healthy looking plants just up and die over night! I want to add that I have had successful grows with coco in the past. I will all details of nutes/grow room environment.

  • **Grow Tent Specs
  • Tent 5’ x 5’
  • Exhaust blower 360cfm
  • 2 x Oscillating fans blowing over canopy
  • 1000 Watt MH/HPS dimmable air cooled with 360cfm exhaust blower (18" - 20" above canopy)
  • RH/temp lights on 45 to 50% and 76 - 78 F, lights off 50 - 55% and 65 F

Seeds: GG#4 from ILGM feminized Photo

  • Started in rapid rooters under T5 for a week or so
  • Transplanted into 70/30 coco perlite mix solo cups Canna Coco Professional (coco perlite mix rinsed 2 times with with CalMag 5mL per gallon and 2mL Canna for coco A + B and 10mL Rhizotonic. Watered until 20% run off.

Nutes (all doses are in mL/gallon and always watered until 20 - 30% runoff and watered twice a day)

  • Canna for coco base A + B
  • Rhizotonic
  • Canazyme
  • Calimagic CalMag
  • GH PH down
  • Blue Lab PH pen
  • Blue lab Truencheon stick
  • Tap water used and starting EC .5

Grow details

  • PH maintained at 5.8
  • Great White sprinkled on roots at every transplant
  • Solo cups under T5 for a few weeks until like 3 nodes
  • Nute strength in solo cups starts at about .8 EC (2mL calMag, 2mL A + B and 10mL Rhizo first week. After I see the plants are healthy week 2 I step it up to 3mL CalMag and 3ml A + B and 10mL RHizo EC 1. Watering twice a day with 24/7 lights on)
  • Transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots and 1000Watt MH bulb used @700Watts (Nutes again stepped up to 4mL A + B, Cal mag stepped up to 4mL and Rhizo 10mL and 5mL Cannazyme EC 1.5 to 1.6) After a week or 2 I will top them and get good growth from growing branches). Light is raised as the plant grows.

Now the problems start:
This has happened twice to me both at roughly same time frame

Sorry no pics my bad, so I will start to see some of the fan leaves start to look kinda droopy, never see any yellowing or anything like that. Then over night the plant leaves rapidly cup and when I wake up they are hanging limp and one plant even bends over at the middle of the stem and boom they are toast.

OMG what could be causing this issue. I will say I have had successful grows in the past with the same equipment and tent environment. The only thing that I can think of is that this has only happened since I switched to canna coco coir but if they are thriving in the solo cups I find it hard to believe that is the cause. What could kill them so fast and not showing yellowing or burnt or fried leaves. Need help

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What are your runoff ppm and ph ? Im almost thinking youre overwatering…

PH stays pretty much the same and EC is very close too maybe a little lower on the EC

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If im understanding correctly, youre transplanting into 3 gal and moving immediately under 700watt HPS?

Lemme thown up the magic pot signal btw…


From my experience which is limited it is pretty hard to over water in a 70/30 mix. Plus if I water once a day the coco is getting pretty dry on the top layer anyway


Plus if it get too dry it will drive the EC in the zone higher and then your dancing with the devil so to speak. But I agree with your thought process because I have over watered in soil before and it does resemble this

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Yes I go right under the HID dimmed to 700Watts but keep it about 36"away to minimize the all the shock. It is also MH bulb not HPS. I only use HPS for budding stage

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I have grown using your exact media, coco and the canna line of nutrient. I did have different lights.

You are over watering your plants.
Follow the nutrient recommends from the canna website and water only ONCE per day.

They say it’s hard to over water in can l coco, but it can be done and you’ve mastered it.

Following the nutrient chart and watering once a day after the pots felt light. The first few weeks i only watered about once every 3rd day, but those were 5 gallon pots.

Once a day. I promise you’ll have great results… at least they won’t die like that anymore lol. :sleepy:

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Thanks for all the info I appreciate it, guys. I did take a long break from growing and kinda forgot some stuff lol. Now that I think about it my past successful grows I did only water once a day. The only question in my mind is why they didn’t die faster but it’s gotta be over watering. Also even Canna’s light feed chart has given me the dreaded “claw” from nitrogen toxicity, so I always dial it back to air on the side of caution. I just needed to hear other opinions to make my stoner brain start working lol. I am gonna regroup and start again. Thanks for the knowledge dude much appreciated!

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I have this problem all the time. It’s why i started a written log of every thing i do to my plants.

Feel free to ask any questions and join in the chats.

Have you thought about changing from 24/7 lights to an 18/6 light schedule? They would probably appreciate a little rest time.

I run my autos on a 6 on 2 off schedule from seedling to harvest.
My photo period plants i run 6/2 in Veg and go to 12/12 for flower until harvest.

I never have tired looking plants or plants reaching for the lights.

Only thing I can think of that truly has that fast of a reaction would be very low temperatures, like freezing temps to where cellular damage is done rapidly.

Welcome to the group and nice job with the detailed description.
Your setup and process sounds solid to me, I’m not familiar with the nutrient line up you have but the numbers sound in line with my coco grows useing General Hydroponics nutrients.
I’m not suggesting your plants froze but when you described them basically curling up and falling over basically in one day, that’s what I pictured.

Seeing the plants goes a long way especially when the data suggests everything should be good :man_shrugging:

And you’re correct, you almost can’t unless you mix up nutrients in large batches and use it over a period of time.
It can become anaerobic (lose it oxygen) and basically smother the plant.
With fresh nutrients each day or an air stone if you want to mix large batches allows plenty of oxygen to the roots each watering.

But coco-coir even by itself can be watered as many times a day as you wantvor even a constant recirculation.

I’m at a lose without some visuals my freind, sorry :disappointed:

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Yep, impossible to overwater coco Grow Bro, you can skip a day but the coco should remain damp. Make sure that your vessels are elevated with a drip pan and discard the run off….never let the run off wick back into the medium :love_you_gesture:

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Yup they are elevated with run off pan underneath. Another thing I’m doing differently from past grows is moving my plant out of tent to water. Easier to catch run off rather than shop vac crap. It just baffles me how i am water same way in solo cups with same nute strength and the are healthy. Only after transplant to 3 gallon pots and switch to HID light. But they seem to pick right up tho. They are praying and everything for a couple weeks then bang like 6 hrs tipped over and all leaves drooping and hanging and entire plant leans over. Leaves never get yellow or burnt looking. 2 grows right in a row same shit.

Forgot to add i looked at my canna A and B nute containers and they expired 2023. Not sure how big a deal that is either.

Pictures pictures pictures

Right now everyone is just guessing give pictures to let people see the plant to be able to help you better. Otherwise they’re blindly throwing a dart. Good luck .

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Ya I did state i didn’t have any pics! I was so pissed when I saw what happened i just grabbed them and tossed them in the trash. I did actually look at tte roots tho. It was hard to see in my basement. They just ripped when i pulled the plant so didn’t help. I will say the root ball was nice white and healthy when removed from solo cup. When i searched online at different stuff for a cause, the closest thing picture wise i could see was pictures of plants that had root rot. I usually try to do my own research because in the past I’ve asked questions on other sites and get the same " your over watering in coco" even tho I’ve learned that’s not the case… Very frustrating. Well i am trying one more if it happens again I will get some pics. This is like the closest pic i found that resembles my situation.

I just don’t see how I’ve done other grows in the past and never had an issue like this. But identical issue on my last 2 runs. Leaves me scratching my head for sure

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