Need help something this wrong can't figure it out

So my GSC plant is having an issue and I can’t figure it out. Please need some help.
I’ve tried flushing.
Using ph 6.2 water.
Calmag water
Backing off of feeding.

I have 3 of these plants and this is the only one showing these signs.
Please tell me what’s wrong and how can I fix.
I have the FF trio set, and calmag.

Calcium. Deficiency

If you already flushed, feed a full feed with cal mag.
The leafs won’t repair, but it will stop it from getting worse.


Like @Nicky said.

Yeah I just went through and trimmed all the bad leaves I could find as this is the second time trimmung then out. Started at bottom and now moving on up to mid. I’m trying to get a handle on this one stubborn mom auto plant.
I saw your pic last post btw. Yours look good. Mine are in a 80 in tall tent and still stretching. Planted on July 2.

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