Need help possible lack calcium

Getting down towards last weeks of grow. Going great, loaded trichomes, top genetics there. Getting nervous, getting brown spots some leaves (not lot) I think may be calcium deficiency possibly ph off, because I do use cal-mag every watering. Should I be worried? Other question even though I have done much defoliation as they grow they have become very thick. Should I try to trim leaves in middle to get ventilation in middle? Again much trichomes wanted to get them into trim bin, if I cut leaves to get air circulating will they go to waste? This is 3rd grow need keep them ripening, greatly appreciate help. One last question. I am using a 34 watt 4ft. UV/B light for 2-3 hours a night in conjunction with a 450 watt Mars Hydro TS3000 (Enhance trichome production, working) this is 18 inches from canopy. Is 34 watts too strong? Have great day Thanks.

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That doesn’t look like typical calcium def… almost looks like nutrient splash but I’ll tag @Covertgrower for you.

Can you take a pic of the fan leaves instead of just the bud? Kinda looks like leaf Septoria but hard to tell

Thanks could be, I had flushed before incident. Ph was low 5.6, possible lock. Other thoughts someone said septoria.

I agree. Looks like something got sprayed on it.

Not septoria

I do the usual pre-flip and 3 week defoliations. After the 3rd week I do maintenance. I remove large fan leaves when they get big, shade buds or I need to open up a plant again.

Thanks, all help is greatly appreciated. This grow going be awesome. I was experimenting with different combos that may have caused that color changes on leaves. Potential 2 trichome enhancers interacted. Also using a 34 watt uv/b 4 footer. ( guess they recommend 20 watt) use that for 2 hours at night in conjunction with Mars Hydro TS 3000(450 watt LED) keep in touch Thanks….