Need help plz guys

Ok guys here goes the first pics I post will be trich shots of blue mango and second pic will be my wife widow that fox tailed both been flowering 11 weeks by my count. You think they are ready or not?

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Blue :mango: used loop but eyes are shit

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From what I see it looks like its at the beginning of the Harvest window.
I dont see any amber trichomes in these photos. Perhaps with a magnifier you can see better. You need to check the trichs on the flower buds, not little leaves, and watch for them to go from milky to amber.
The more amber you see the more sedative the effect. Right now you will get a more cerebral effect.
I will find the chart and post it.

Most wait for 10% amber for a balanced effect.


Ok so from the buds shots how long u reckon I did state my eyes are bad​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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At least wait one more week.
Perhaps post new pics after that. You only need a couple clear ones.
Do you have a magnifier? My eyes are not great but I can see through a 60x jewelers loupe.

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Yeah my eyes ain’t even that good​:rofl::rofl::rofl: