Need help, not sure if problem is nutes or disease, and not on all girls

I was gonna order this one…4 stars out of close to 300 rates…one review the guy explains how he calibrated because apparently it can be tricky…

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I’ve been very happy with this Model, HM Digital pH-80, Majiktoker recommended it

The only drawback is the Readout is not illuminated other than that it’s been Bulletproof

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UPDATE: I got a new pH tester, it’s much better than the old POS. Calibrated it and it has very solid reading, not ranging all over the place. RISEPRO® Digital pH Meter Pen Type Water Tester about $16
All of the girls had a very low pH in the mid 4’s measured at the runoff. Now they are between 6.1 and 6.8. I’m hoping that all is gonna be easier here on out. I am about 2 months into the grow.

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Keep it consistent at about 6.1 so you have buffering room in case of a ph swing , but 6.8 might be a little to high this early in growth . The reason your ph should be in the right range is for adequate nutrient absorption so you don’t cause a lock out and result into decencies .

now that the ph is steady at 6 the girls are doing REALLY well, kinda too well. They are so tall that they are jamming themselves up against the HO florescent lights above them. I need to post a new ? in another topic area.

Did you say your ph is at 6.0 before what was your tap water ph ? Because I told several people this photo range but I never clarified why ? But the reason why because of some states hard water clarity , so at 6.0 is a good ph range if you ph’ed water with with heavy calcium , chlorine , Altazine , and petroleum in it than yes a PH of 6.0 is almost perfect for indoor Led , CFL or HPS grow . But I’m super stoked that that range is working almost flawless for you when I was told it should be 6.5 and nothing else , wow epic happy growing !!!

The tap water is about 7.1, I add the nutes and then remeasure the ph and adjust it down with pure citric acid-just a 1/4 teaspoon goes a long way in 4 gals of water.
I aim for a ph of 6.
Have a smoke filled Xmas!

Eric Francis

Don’t say 6 that is not right but yet work .