Need help Moving driver outside of tent

I’ve been reading about doing this to lower temps and noticed these

Is it just as easy as getting this and a dimmer extension and mounting it outside of tent ?

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If it connects to a specific chilLed light, then yes! You can use any wire and splice them together, as long as it’s the same size wire.
What light do you have?
Just bought me two x3 mini’s myself.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v:

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I don’t have a chilled I have HLG but I’m pretty sure that they use the same driver ? And these push lock cords look identical to what I’m looking

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You must not have bought a kit. HLG customer service is great. I would contact them for requirements.

How did this turn out? I have 2 HLG’s im lookong to do this with… about to take it to an electrician lol…