Need advice on choosing equipment

Haven’t been able to stay informed over the last ten years and would love expert advice on setting up a grow tent. Is a 24”x24” a waist of time for the money. Should probably go 24”x48”x60” right. My last grow was 2011 and I super cropped 5 strains from f2 seeds. Everything has changed except for the common strains. I have no experience with LED lights and tents but can see they seem to be the way to go for a limited space stealth grow. Have many more questions but will probably find answers in the forums. Thanks for any advice. I’m also working with a limited budget but want only quality equipment. Are the kits the best option.

i would go with the 24 x 48 x by as tall as you can go, i use hlg lights and love them, haven’t really used anything else, if i was you i would question everything in here before you buy so you don’t waste money upgrading, great people in here with lots of knowledge


Thanks for the tip deal. I agree and after some thought and a few days of surf these post I have more questions then answers. Lighting alone is gonna take some study. In 2010 LED’s started out at around $1600 bucks and were still by far an inferior light to HID’s which had just gone digital and worked better. Everyone knew it wouldn’t be long and LED’s would be it but I had no idea there would be so many different types and brands to choose from. HGL does look good and there spec sheet is in layman’s so an old timer like me will know what to expect. I’m gonna go 4x4x7.2 with a HGL600 which will cover everything from what I can see. Gonna need head space like you said. The ability to have complete control of your environment in a tent is exciting to me also. Most of my questions now I guess are linked to genetics. I’ve only had regular seeds when I grew from seed and have no experience with fem or auto seeds. They seem to be all the rave but do they clone well or are these seeds stable enough that you get enough consistency in the fenotype that you can just grow from seed every grow get high quality genius