Need a quiet 800 gph pump recommendation

Can you recommend a high quality inline pump with low noise for my set up? Looking for something 400 - 800 gph.

This, I have the next size up and it’s quiet and well made.

Thanks, do you know if that’s a self priming? Need for an RDWC, wrecked my first one in mins…:joy::sob::joy:

Not sure, I always used it submerged.

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Those pond master pumps can be used in line no problem. But you definitely have to have it lower than your reservoir. If it pumps dry it will burn up in 5-10 mins. The fluid is the radiator.

I use them all the time in aquarium set ups. Definitely not the quietest brand. Eheim pumps are the quietest in my experience in aquariums, but cost probably twice as much as the pond masters. Most true inline only pumps will be louder than mag drive submersible pumps that are mounted inline has been my experience.

Aquatop pumps are also in the price range of pond masters pumps. They are more quiet in my opinion. I have never ran one inline, but found most every mag drive submersible pump can be run inline.


I have never seen a submersible mag drive self prime, they will always burn up if there is air between the resivior and the pump. True inline pumps are the only ones that can self prime is my understanding. Basically they don’t overheat as fast. If the resivior is shimmed up on 2x4 or 4x4 it will always be above the pump and eliminate the chance of burning up. All aquarium sumps have a well at the bottom to keep the pump in a pool of water even drained.


If you could pick a best inline for lowest noise and least worry, with out worrying about cost what would you choose?