Need a expert eye!

Can anyone tell me why this plant isn’t growing vertically? No matter how high I put the light it keeps stacking on top of itself?
I bought the seeds from a American underground seed bank before I stumbled across ilgm. It’s suppose to be critical mass photo plant???
My brother suggested I was ripped off and it’s probably hemp seed?

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I’m thinking it looks great :+1: how long has it been growing?

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Also this is gonna sound crazy but how do you “tag” ppl on this app. I’m not into social media so I just need a little nudge in the right direction

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Couple weeks.

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Can you tell by eye if a plant is cbd or thc?

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Your plant is doing great IMO!! To tag someone just put @ in front of there name. Happy growing keep me posted on your grow. :v::call_me_hand:

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I’m no expert but I don’t think you can tell by looking at the plant. Others may chime in that know for sure. The only thing I know is that plant looks awesome :clap: keep on keeping on!! :v::call_me_hand:

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Cool thanks bro and I’ll keep ya posted as she grows

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@imSICKkid or @Covertgrower does it look fine or am I doing something wrong? I know everyone kinda has their own style I just don’t wanna screw up my beans!!! They’re costly these days!


Oh yeah I only have a 2x4 tent and would like to have atleast 3 girl raging so what size pots should they be in?

If there’s any question about the legitimacy of it being cannabis or hemp, you won’t know until you flower it.
Looks good otherwise. Normal lighting helps next time. The blurples cover deficiencies @Trizzoop
Welcome to ILGM.

How would I know the difference when it flowers? I have a mars hydro led 2000 but I thought it was a bit on the strong side for such a little plant

Don’t look like hemp, looks like a indica mostly hybrid which critical mass is. Short and stocky is a good trait, I’ve grown many plants like that, 6 inches tall and 12 inches around - another heavy indica trait. It’ll start shooting up in the next week or 2.


Like I said in the other post you had, this plant looks good, it’s just young.
Your tight node spacing is a combination of good lighting and genetics.


Either there will be frost, or there won’t.


5 gallon fabric pots would be my recommendation.
Depending on how big you let them get in veg before the flip will be a factor to consider. The longer they veg the bigger they get. And once flipped they can double in size or more.
I’ve seen people grow one plant that fills a 4x4 and some who grow 4 or 6 plants in that same size area.

I grow with a lot of light and my young plants are as flat as pancakes. It is particularly the case with indicas.

I agree with the others that she looks good.

Here’s a pic of an indica dominant strain I am flowering now. I vegged her for 7 weeks.

And here she is 3 weeks into flower. She’s never gotten more than 24" high.

I have them in 2 gallon pots now. I have some 3 gallon fabric pots laying around, can I just use those? And when should I switch into those?

And… lol
These leaves are bent over just about touching the dirt. Can I cut them off?

Yes you can.