NavyVet 2020 grow

Welcome to 2020, it’s been a kick in the pants so far this year…medically, financially and it has even affected my growing.

Out of the 10 or so seeds I have tried to get going, only 2 are currently “ok”, both Blue Berry Auto. I also have a 2nd PurpHaze fem breaking ground, the first one, like all the other failed seeds, either sprouted and died or didn’t sprout at all .

Since my last journal (last year), I have moved and still have land to grow on but I will have to transition to indoor growing come fall or winter. I will now have to grow out in the woods on my property but have to be ultra careful since there are horse trails that border my property.

As for the failed seeds, they were White Widow Auto, Blueberry Auto, GSCX auto and PurpHaze Fem. All ILGM, all started the same way, following ILGM guidelines.

My wife musta seen my frustration and sense of defeat, she went and ordered me 2 50# bags of Mother Earth Coco+Perlite 50/50 mix.

For nutrients, I layered this Superthrive Organic 4/4/4 fertilizer into the Coco. This will be perfect for my Autos but come flower time for my PH, I will probably have to add additional nutes.

I will try to update weekly, if I can get my plants to survive past 1 week from sprout.

New BBA dropped today:

Surviving BBA-

2nd attempt at Purp Haze-

Medium and fertilizer-

Happy growing everyone and best of luck with your grows!!


Your soil for the seedlings looks wet and the leaves on your plant look like they are showing signs of overwatering. How much are you watering them?

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They got watered last night, but no, they are not over wet. They were under a light at night since it has been in the 40s at night and too cold to leave outdoors, they got a little light burn. This time last year, I had all my plants in the ground. This has been one hella funky year.

Hard to tell with your seedlings because they are so young. This is from growweedeasy.
Bummer loosing so many seeds / seedlings. Am I wrong, but it sounds like it is not a germination issue? Rather, once sprouted and put in seed starter, the problem reoccurs. That tells me whatever your doing isn’t as successful as it could be.

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It could be medium although its the same kind I have always used. Last year I was able to soak seeds then plant or plant straight into medium. All my failed seeds were started by soaking then planting when tails popped.The new seeds are in Mother Earth Coco, my current PH was planted straight into the dirt and already sprouted (as you can see), no soaking. Same with the 2 BBA I just dropped.

Hell, it would be the wild swings we’ve been having with our temps.

BBA are great - I had a really nice crop of autos.
I need a couple more weeks so the risk of frost is gone. Will then get a outdoor grow of Jack Herer autos going.
Wish you well and good fortune with the BBAs

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I soak seeds with water and 3% hydrogen peroxide get tails go into growing media and then under a humidity dome with a 18/6 light schedule and then after 1 set of real leaves i can take the dome off and transplant or let grow longer.
Can you post pictures of your setup? What ph meter do you have? And do you have solutions to calibrate it with? What light are you using for the seedlings and what light schedule are you on?
What are you ph your water to?

Good luck with your grow ,don’t you just love the art work On the bags and bottles of the products.
( All about catching the eye and marketing )

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Good morning! @ThcinKC, I do both the soak and the straight medium and I don’t start them under lights, I attempted that and burned the seedlings. Strictly outdoor growing at the moment.

I think my problem has been identified. At my last house, my well water was always a perfect 6.4
After consistent readings of 5.5-5.8 at my new house, I thought my meters were out of calibration. I ordered calibration solution but like with everything, Rona delayed shipping.

All my lost seedlings were soaked in the 5.5 water and H2O2 then put into peat starter medium.

I have 2 pictures below, the 2 are BBA in peat (yes, I just watered, peat dries out fast) and the other one is my Purp Haze I started straight into Coco, as you can see, it is healthier and happier looking.

Good thing Coco requires a lower PH of between 5.5 and 5.9



The PurpHaze is absolutely loving the Coco medium and low PH.

Blue Berry Auto in peat medium is on major life support. Too young to transplant but they HATE the peat medium and low PH. The medium is not wet, it has turned black on top, I am assuming due to chemical reaction between the peat and water.

The BBA I planted straight into Coco, one has crack ground, waiting on second to come up.

Nothing else has changed, night temps still dipping to mid 40s at night so I am still bringing them in when temps drop below 55 at night. Hopefully this will be the last week of transporting in and out.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I decided to replant the failing BBA, what’s the worst than can happen? It was gonna die anyway, it had no root system at all.

Second BBA sprouted!!! So far, 3 for 3 putting seeds straight into Coco, no pre soaking in water.

Another week, another update-
The day temps were in the low 80s and 50 nights, this next week temps are dropping down to low 40s at night, very uncommon for as South as I live. Hopefully after this week I can plant into the ground.

I am amazed at how well the Coco holds moisture. I haven’t watered the planters in about a week.

Purple Haze is doing amazing!

I am beyond overjoyed my Blueberry autos finally sprouted and are healthy.

7 days from sprout-

Happy Friday everyone!!

Tuesday of this week all the girls got transplanted into the ground out in the woods behind my house. They appear to have adjusted well and are healthy and happy looking.

PurpHaze fem-

BBA 1-

BBA 2-

2 more weeks and I can order my replacement seeds and start on 2nd batch of autos.

Happy growing everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

Ladies experiencing their first rain storm today. Hope I chose a good spot and they don’t get washed away.

Sorry for the late update-

Plants not doing good in the location I selected, I did not estimate the movement of the sun correctly.

I transplanted the Purp Haze to location that gets more sun and the BBAs have gone into planters closer to house, at least until they start stinking.

These pictures are 2 days old, sprouts are about 3 weeks old, so you can see they haven’t grown much-


BBA 1 (the best growing one)-

And BBA 2 (you can see how the leaves are searching for sunlight)

Replant BBAs, had to plant them deeper due to stretching-

Another week and another update.

Trying to recoup the lost grow time when they were getting limited sunlight. Girls survived their transplants. Started 3 more (my last actually) BlueBerry seeds, I don’t think my current girls will produce much if any bud at all.

Ordering seeds June 1st, hopefully ILGM is back on track with shipping.

New seeds started today-

Not even posting picture of my PurpHaze, she is tiny too. Will have to relocate her again into a sunnier location.