Natural cannibalism, OR nute burn.?

Good Morning all! First time grower here,;
Strain; WW autoflower, 6 weeks in the dirt, going into week 3 of flower 19" tall.
Lighting; HLG 300L Rspec, 29" above canopy, 20/4.
Medium; Fabric smart pots with FFOF
Environment; Lights on, 81°F/48% RH; Lights off 74°F/44%RH in a 3x3x6 tent.
Feeding every 6 days(FF trio) with plain water in between.

Part 1; is this early signs of nute burn/deficiency?? If so which one and how can I fix it?? :frowning: also is it normal for some of the trichs to start turning amber this early??

Part 2; should I try and trim these lower level underdeveloped branches that aren’t keeping up with the rest of the plant??

Nute burn

More on the P & K side then. The N

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So how do I fix it???
Edit; also what will happen until then? Will she be okay??

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Do a soil slurry sample (YouTube), get a good sample from below the surface. And use distilled water!

Look at the ph, is it within range? 6.3-6.7?
If not flush it, you have to much nutrient salt built up and you need to flush, flush and run water through it u til your run off ppm is 300ppm roughly then mix up a new fresh Full feed as per what week your in based on your nutrient chart, PH it to 6.5 and feed it to 20% run off right after the flush.
Then let it be and don’t water till its pot is light in weight.

If ph smaple is fine:

Then take tha tds/ppm and compare it to where your meant to be…

Are you close? If your way to high then flush it a bit until your in range.


What if I just added a layer of top soil a few days ago? My pot fell over yesterday and lost about an inch of soil so I had to fresh topsoil(FFOF). Should I just flush and repeat until ppms are 300??

See previous post

Everywhere I read said we have to trim all the diseased/dying leaves in order to keep track…I can’t believe I had trim so many :frowning: :frowning:

In the future I would not recommend doing this. Nutrient burn (in your case) has only damaged a small portion of the leaf tip, however the remaining green portion of the leaf is still fully capable of doing what the plant needs it to do i.e. photosynthesize, transpire, etc. If you can’t bare to look at the dead tips of the leaves simply trim the dead parts off with scissors and leave the rest of the leaf on the plant to continue helping the plant. After all the leaves are your plants solar panels. Branches and buds however are not. In regards to the bottom growth I have always followed the 1/3 rule that the bottom 1/3 of the plant doesn’t produce enough quality material to be worth allowing to stay on the plant and grow flowers. YouTube lollipoping and watch some of the more experienced growers and how they do it. Some people massacre their plants and that’s not the point of lollipopping. Mr. Canuck (Mr. Canuck’s Grow is his channel on YT) has several videos on how to properly do this and he is a top notch grower. Best of luck and I think if you follow the directions in the previous post about checking ph and ppm’s you’ll do just fine. Your plant is a beauty :+1:t2:

Leave most of those leaves on. They were fine.

It is normal to start losing a few leaves at this point in flower. You don’t have as big a problem as you think you do. Let her grow and mature. They look okay.

@MidwestGuy , @JohnyHempSeed @Newt UPDATE/Part 2; is it just me, or are my trichomes(long white hairs) a little bit too amber/brown for only being 2 weeks into flowering?? I thought ambering wasn’t supposed to happen until harvest??

The white hairs are pistils. You need magnification to see the trichomes, and they are no where near ready for evaluation yet.

A little heavy on the nitrogen, but other than that the plant looks great.

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So it’s normal for the pistols to be that color? They were all white like 3 days ago, now they’re half red/orange… is that normal for ww auto? What stage will come next?? I’ve already started seeing calyx’s starting to swell… what should I be expecting for the next steps?

Have patience and let her do her thing. She looks fine.