My water is alive?

I’m not exactly sure what is growing in this. I used a lot of mico when planting all of these plants and that’s what it reminds me of. A root structure.

This water is purified RO water with lemon juice and baking soda and was used to clean a lot of bud and filtered through 25 micron screens multiple times. It has a PPM of over 4,000 now. PH is 7.8

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Better photo?

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Those are all air bubbles to the right.

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Looks to be fungal chains in your water. Not sure what you’re wanting to know?

Did you stop reading? @OldSkunk

That’s the bud wash water after harvest.


I was reading it and still missed that @Budbrother I must be vaping too much Animal cookies today. 25% thc makes me miss stuff obviously. Sorry @Adam01.


Sure you do. I’m talking buckets to wash buds, not hydroponics.

Any ideas on what this is?

Hyphae, clumping together to form fungal chains. Without a sample to scope, I can’t tell you the species.