My very first harvest

Ok guy let me have it I want all tips on where I can improve just off your observations. This was my very first harvest, what I have is a auto flower szkittles plant here and I want to know if it’s possible to get rid of the not grassy smell as much as it use to be but still grassy smell and I’ll be honest I smokes some and not the strongest smoke but it still got me a little buzzed any suggestions on what I should of did and what I should and could still do now Uploading: B7C949DC-E43F-455E-97B9-FF950EE7C4F1.jpeg… Uploading: 92FC23C5-3F48-4050-B46A-8A6167BB637E.jpeg… Uploading: 87F7270E-382A-4BD9-9AAD-1AC246D928BF.jpeg…

A proper dry and cure will eliminate the grassy smell and taste.

You’ll need to let your pics fully upload before posting. Your pics didn’t post.

Apparently impatient about the first post on this topic

I noticed too that it was a double post.

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