My thoughts on lights & vents

Will have a 4x5x7.5 ft room 2 Meizhi 900 watts 4" intake off my ac/heat 6" exhaust out chimney with filter & speed controllers on both 2 fans to help move air around room. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

PH&TDS meter, a timer for your lights…

@M4ur Light timer is now on the list (lol) the others I had down. Any brand of timer work ? don’t see much about them. Thanks

Don’t forget to buy pH down and pH up to.
Read this thread.

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@M4ur, thx for info, I actually purchased a 2 pack of the same timers, they work great

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@Gonnatry2 what are you asking help with
I’m in the Commercial Hvac business so I can assist you If you have a question
Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face::v:CB

@M4ur @Countryboyjvd1971 Sorry 4 the late reply last night when I went to the website all I got was a news feed page never seen it before. I have PH+/- on list Should I use a bug screen on intake. I was just wanting some input on my ideal. I have OCD so every thing needs to b right and the room has to stay clean. (lol)

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Yes I would definitely use a screen or some type of filter on you fresh air intake I have a passive vent that brings fresh air into my room that I have a screen on just need to make sure screen stays clean
You have 150 cubic feet of space so pull around 100cfm max with exhaust and you should be.good
You don’t want to pull 100% of your air out every min I suggest staying closer to 1/2 of your total cubic feet

@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks I will get bug screen. I can FFOF &FFHF local. Any thoughts on Diamond Mylar it’s more like whats inside a tent.

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Yeah I would go with that or flat brite white paint if you wanted to paint room
Don’t use a high gloss paint if you do

@Countryboyjvd1971 If I paint should you wait for paint smell to go away. Are you using LED’s

That’s up to you most indoor paints are non toxic so it’s just a matter of smell more than anything which I don’t think would effect your grow
Yea I use leds
I have. Two 1000 watt full spectrum cob lights
Two full spectrum 400 watt cob lights
And I have four 300 watt full spectrum 9 band leds
All have IR and UV
I put one 1000 and two 400 in one tent 4x4x7
And one 1000 and two 300 in other tent also 4x4x7
I have a small veg tent also 2x2x4 that I use one of the 300 watt lights
The other I use for germination and as a back up

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You have a lot of lights I do have a generator for my house I can run my ac in summer if I loose power. So the lights won’t be aproblem hate to go dark for 48hrs

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Yeah 10/4 I also own a generator lol
I have three tents so I need the lights
I started with one and quickly accumulated them as I expanded my grow
I’m done for now I have two 4x4x7 tents and one 2x2x4 tent I use for early veg
They keep me busy

@Countryboyjvd1971 I can’t keep my room cool and I’m using 1 900 watt led right now. I have my 4 inch intake on floor and 6 inch exhaust mounted on ceiling in farest corner from intake any ideas on how to cool it down some I’m at 80 or 81 most of the time

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@Gonnatry2 where are you reading temps first off and what’s the temp in from room tent is located in brother
I’ll be on/off so if it takes a min to get back don’t worry I will answer lol

@Countryboyjvd1971 I have a 4.5 x6.5 ft room in my basement intake is of my ac I have a temp gauge on the floor and sitting in 1 of the pots also 2 humidifiers . Thanks

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if your intake comes off Ac I would have to say lower it a few degrees but then your whole house will be cooler
80-81 ish bad brother
My tents are in my basement as well I stay about 75 ish and my tents run 6-10 degrees warmer and good your reading temps in the right place
I wouldnt stress it too much as long as you don’t get much warmer
I know they say 78 is best but a few degrees won’t hurt if they where outside tney would have to deal with much warmer temps right brother

@Countryboyjvd1971 I thought the same thing it’s going to b 90 and up here so if the were out side they would b a lot warmer and some time no breeze This is a pic of 1 of my ww fem have 5 less than 2 weeks old

sand is cool to the touch

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Hahahha was going to ask if you planted them on a beach looking good brother
Yeah from my understanding the 78 degrees is what they determined to be the optimal temp for Mj to grow if in a perfect environment
But they will and can grow in higher temps bro
Just slows them down a bit and I’m sure the 5 degrees or so won’t slow them down enough for you to notice anyway hahahaha
And actually your good because sprouts like warmer temps hahahaha :+1: