My SOG attempt in a 4x4 tent

This is going to be my 2nd attempt at an indoor grow. My first indoor I felt I wasnt going to get the yield i was looking for and i was not utilizing the footprint I could have been using, I put all three of my indoor babys outdoor 1 didnt make she was already unhappy when I transplanted her cuz she was a clone in 1 solo cup with her sister so when I broke them apart it was all bad. The other 2 are healthy and thriving I actually have a thread on them if you wanna check it out.
This is my SOG attempt using
I’m using a 4x4 vivosun tent 1 gallon fabric pots with FFHF soil adding some perlite (just my preference) I’m not adding any nutes till I flip to 12/12 lighting which is gonna be on October 4thish lol
For my nutes I’m going to be using dr.earths flowergirl dry amendments I’m only going to use PhD water through out their whole life cyle and going to include a compost tea with molasses every 2 weeks
My lights are 2 maxisun 600w led I know they’re not great lights but for now it’s what I can afford.
I also have 2 4inch carbon filter fans intake/outtake

I know everyone says not to do SOG with seed but I want to experiment. I feel like it’s all a learning experience and I really want to see the outsome.:grin:

I soaked all 30 seeds in RO water for 24hours after I placed all seeds into presoaked jiffy pucks and placed on my window seal where I get no direct sunlight I even put a folded pillow case over the seedling trays to give it more darkness for the first day. The next day which was September 6th, all seedlings popped except 1 but I had hope and sure enough she popped out September 7th :grin::raised_hands: I was stoked 100% germination! Lol sorry I’m screaming like a school girl at a boyband concert! Hahaa anywho I had to put them in the tent cuz they were stretching for light and I dont want them getting lanky. I wanted to start my journal now before I get lost in the weeds. :blush: I know something might happen so that’s why I’m doing 30 just in case, you know? Well I really hope all you growmies have a blessed and beautiful day! Sorry for this long post I just wanted to put all that I’m doing. I’m gonna post a few pics from what I got from the first days of their lives after that I will try to update every Sunday.LEASE FEEL FREE TO PUT YOUR INSIGHT THANK YOU! :blush:
September 6th

September 7th

#30 last one starting to pop out of jiffypuck

September 8th


Sog best way to grow in my opinion. You know why people suggest not do from seed right? I think you could make it work if you keep them jammed up through veg and transplant to 1 gallon pots a few days before you flip though.


You can trim some of the lower shots too to keep them skinny

@dbrn32 They say its cuz seeds will give you an uneven canopy? I’ve watched and read on this for sometime now and I feel this is the best method to go with imo. I’m sorry what do you mean by jammed up? I planned on transplanting next Monday which is the 23rd I thought that would give them enough time to establish a root system.

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@HornHead Is that after or before flipping?

One other concern is they will mature at different rates and times with different nutrient requirements: much easier to handle a bunch of clones as you know how they will all perform. @Bogleg does a SOG but I don’t know if he’s on here much.

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That actually makes sense. I was thinking of making one of these girls a mother plant to keep the sog going.

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I’m out of likes lol


Its mainly because plants from seed have to mature before they can flower. That in itself brings up multiple hurdles. Myfriendis410 has one at that not all will grow or mature at same rate. They will also display different growing characteristics.

People usually run sog grows from clone for 2 reasons. The first being that all plants are similar. Without outside influence they will typically do the same thing. The second is that all plants are mature and ready to flower when rooted. So they can all be about the same size ready to flower when you start. They’ll also all require about the same care throughout grow, and be ready to harvest at about the same time.


Kind of the whole point of doing a SOG is throughput. You can crank the yields out for a single cultivar but need space for a mother.

What might make sense is for you to try a plant or two and evaluate them as a candidate mother. Take clones of them when mature and flower em off to see what the overall characteristics are. Decide on the one you want (or none of them) and move on from there. I would personally want to have a mother plant that was from a regular seed as opposed to feminized as well.

Just throwing a few concerns out so you are fully informed.


@dbrn32 thank you. I understand you completely, well I’m really hoping for the best since I already have 30 seedlings going lol
@Myfriendis410 thank you. I’m gonna do that I really want to keep the cyle going so I’m thinking of converting my closet just for a mother plant during or after this grow depending on if I find a decent plant out of this run.


Inquiring minds want to know WHY?


The female cannabis plant is a true female with more robust genetics by being from a seed produced by a male and female rather than a female tricked into producing pollen. It makes for a more inherently unstable plant and more prone to disease and hermaphroditism.

This plant is an animal. This is at 5 weeks:


@Myfriendis410 you are great human! Thank you for spreading your knowledge! :grin:
That plant porn! Beautiful!


It’s pretty easy with only one haha. Thanks but there are plenty more like me here.


Oh I bet. I cant wait to grow something as beautiful, I’m being patient. I’m reading a lot more and finding a lot of great people here.


Take one plant and mother it. Never have to buy seeds again

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So for some reason I felt like I should check under the jiffy pucks earlier, well I seen roots coming out the bottom. I felt like if I left them the roots would stick to the trays and damage the roots. I didnt want to take that chance to I moved all 30 seedlings into solo cups with FFHF with added perlite, I presoaked the soil so I wouldn’t over water. All the seedlings are happy right now. Just going off my gut feeling I’m hoping I’m right. Lol here’s some pics


That’s what I’m gunning for my friend.


I am running my second “SOG-ish” grow from seed. The first one I ended up with just 7 plants on my tray, so only filled around 2/3rds of my 4x4 tent:

My current one I am trying 15 plants from seed (all the same strain, all F1 seeds from the same plant):

It’s necessary, even with F1 seeds from the same plant, to train them. On my current grow I am trying to avoid setting up a trellis net, but it looks like I won’t have much choice.

I wouldn’t recommend approaching SOG from seed to anyone unless they have a specific reason to do it (in my case as part of my breeding program), but I don’t think it’s something to avoid if you have a game plan and a willingless to accept some risks associated with growing practices sometimes frowned upon by others (i.e. pruning a lot). In my current grow, I’ve culled two female plants for under-performing. It’s easy to toss plants that aren’t “perfect” when you have a few hundred seeds on hand - much harder to do when you are paying $5-10 per seed. I also can’t guarantee purchased seeds are F1 seeds (which produce more homozygous offspring than F2-F11 seeds probably), nor can I guarantee they came from a single plant even if they are F1 seeds (although likely).

I’m still trying to figure it out, myself… I haven’t really delved into the true potential of my system yet. After I finish all these plants I will be growing from clone in groups of five from a handful of different mother plants, so we’ll get to see how different strains from clone like the same nutrients. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will caveat this by saying that I use a very basic feeding schedule regardless of strain, so I don’t generally give tailored schedules to my plants, and don’t really depart from my feeding schedule grow to grow, so running different plants from seed, or different strains, on the same reservoir hasn’t jumped up and bit me yet.