My seed

I germinated a seed (bought from here, took less than 24 hrs to crack open which I thought was pretty darn good), and when I saw the taproot I planted it in the soil. Now I have a warm white CFL over the plant pot. Today when I was checking on it I saw a small, white, teeny, tiny bug crawling in my soil. I feel like I cant do anything about it because it’s SOOO SMALL. Does that spell trouble for me?

Also, the day I put the germed seed in some soil I watered it and that was two, three days ago. When I watered it there was no run off in the pot but the soil feels damp. It’s not saturated with water but it has a way to go before it’s dry. Should I add more soil to the pot to help dry the soil out? I’ve put it in a room where I raised one of the windows up. My central AC is going so I think that maybe too that’s playing a part in why the soil still hasn’t dried out yet.

be patient

Yeah I had that a small white transparent bug but didn’t really harm my plant if it isn’t dry by a day or 2 poke holes with a tooth pick in the soil for it can breath