My risky 4 buck chuck grow (Future forest, or will it be dead wood?)

Alright, alright, alright…

So giving this a go in every sense. This is my first grow in a long time and it’s off to a rough start, but I am always hopeful.

My sprouts sat to long while I was away and don’t look too happy. If they don’t make it I can start over.

Here’s what we are working with.

5x5 Gorilla with a HLG Scorpion Diablo and PA hydroponic 4 bucket system.

The poor looking plants are 4 sprouts of Honeymoon from Sacred Cut. Just transferred em, will be feeding Jacks 321 tomorrow.

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The plants look pretty weak and I need to grab a bit more hydroton tomorrow. If I need to pop more seeds it’s not the end of the world, my hydro kit didn’t get here before I had to travel, so the seedlings were over watered before leaving and under cared for before a spot of travel. If they make it cool if not I will drop in a replacement set.

Tagging a few folks that helped me get this far, cause I will need help later on.

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@PogueMahone, @Grimman78, @Graysin, @1LuckyMF, @RileyRae, @DEEPDIVERDAVE, @brownsfan100, @Bentstick, @Myfriendis410.

Welcome and thanks for the insights. Here’s hoping things get off the ground with these sappy saplings. Sorry for the slow and ugly start, but the popcorn might be weak, but here’s hoping the show gets good quickly… down to my last jar of honey and it’s a weak one so let’s get our grow on!!!


It’s all a learning experience man. Have fun and take notes.


For sure, if the sprouts fail, no harm done, I didn’t hook up the chiller cause I dropped the pump… not made for heights I guess, it did not land the dismount. :joy:

If the temp is too hot in the AM I will buy one and drop it in, may need a humidifier yet too, will give me an excuse for last minute adds. This will be a live fire test start.:blush:



Let’s get it on!

I wager that they come through and become all the stronger for it.


They have enough roots to transplant? You still hand feeding them until the roots get a little bigger eh?

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Oddly enough the two small guys have the longest roots… same length as the stem coming out the plug.

That said, yep bit of top feeding today. The bottom of the pot is about an inch under the water though… 8 inch pots.

Tiny new leaves coming on three today as they rehome and adjust, so thats good news!

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So quick update, and sorry it’s been a minute. 2 out of the four survived the rehome and dropped roots. I popped in another 2 seeds, we will see if they sprout. Jury is still out on the sacred cut seeds, two cracked but didn’t grow…

I was top feeding but they were idling. One just dried out, so I let them go a day without to see if I could stir the remaining 3. One wilted, the other two doubled in leaf and stem… calling that a win.

If the other two seeds make it I will jam em in. If not I will strong the snot out of these to and see if I can sweeten the growth/weight on the two I have.

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Well it only takes one to go. My first round I only got one to crack out of 5 and still pulled over a pound of smoke.

They seem to be going pretty good, now roots through the bottom yet. But the plants are noticeably growing.


Ok so update on the two plants, one is going fast and furious, the other is poised to catch up.

I will check the other two seeds in the morning. We will see how they are doing. Again, I am fine running two with a bit of extra training to get a good return, but I am feeling kinda lazy. We shall see in morning.

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What do you all favour for training technics?

I let them tall enough that I have space under the projected canopy with 1 or two sets of arms and top above that. The remaining 1-2 sets of arms are then trained horizontally for as far as possible. Once done, flip that girl!!!

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Best idea on how to tie things down? I don’t have much for holes or edging.

One of my favorite tools is the tent stakes pictured

Check out some of Kaptain 3D’s early posts for his techniques, I just steal his techniques.

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So the one is going strong.

The Second Lady isn’t to far behind.

Think they look ok?

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They look good to me :blush: