My plant looks like he got chlamydia

So my 3 plants sat in the dark for a hour right after they got watered and my biggest got some protein blend but I got a new timer and learning how to set it up I forgot the light was off. Does he look sad? And what could be tips for me to not fudge my grow up


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Your plant should be fine. How far is your light away from your top?


Hey I don’t think an hour of dark would hurt much, it looks pretty young for any nutrients though unless your medium had nothing to start with. She also looks stretched! I would increase the lighting and maybe support her in the meantime so she doesn’t keel over.

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I just got a light the is more watts then my old one the old one was 200 this is 265 but it’s like 20 inches or around there far because I have recently popped seedlings from a few days ago

The big one is 17 inches from the light and the smaller ones are 20 or a little more inches

What medium are you using? I agree with @BWoods. Support her before she falls over.

She looks like she is stretching for light. Increase the lighting or lower it.

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I’m using Mother Earth all purpose potting soil but how would I support her?

I’ll lower it there is no way to increase or decrease light on the grow light I’m using

Toothpicks work good. Wooden skewers maybe.

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How do I edit?

Noted. Do you think this is to low?

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With the pencil by the 2 chain links at the bottom of your pics.

It shows that on all my reply’s but that

put your hand palm down at the top of the plant for 20 seconds or so. If it burns you, its too low.

I’m good it didn’t burn me

No worries. If a moderator comes in they will change it and warn you. Be careful in the future.

Thanks I will

Is it bad if like the reflective glass has burn marks? I’m using a light from a friend I have others