My new little Microscope

I had ordered a microscope and it came in today so I thought I would share so pics

This is what light bleaching looks like. This happened when I was experimenting with my light distance. So 12" is my light limit.


Close up of edge of leaf

This is what happens when you dont use lotion lol
Another fun little toy I bought to check out my trichromes at harvest time. Just because Bob31 had one I needed one too.


How many times zoom is that? @MAXHeadRoom

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Not sure exactly but scope is 50 to 200x. It has a focus wheel and I turn that till it comes in focus. They are very cheap but I bought this from a competitors website so I cant post that but Im sure you can guess. It rhymes with Hay


Bob likes! :v::+1::grin::palm_tree:


Your the reason I bought this. But I’m glad I did. Nice little toy for a fair price $13


I’d say that’s a great price. It is ok to post a screenshot of the item or a pic of it. Just no link, is all!

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Not as good as yours but I’m not rich like you lol

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Im rich from all the knowledge from the ilgm site! The bank account… Needs a little work! Lol don’t they all.

I need to find some things to take pics of and post lol.


Maybe a picture of that? @MAXHeadRoom

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Yes this hobby is very expensive. But you are great and I see all the people you help. So someday you will be rewarded for all your generosity. I thing its called Karma

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Thanks Brother I appreciate that! I like lending a hand when I can. I have gotten a lot out of the ILGM Forums and If I don’t put some back there would be this loud sucking sound and a big black hole! LOL

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Karma. I’ve tried to apply the Golden Rule in my life and be kind and I suppose I have it easy but I can’t help thinking that I must have been some kind of monster in my previous life.

Nice microscope. I’ve got to get one I can take pictures with.

I saw that you mentioned light bleaching. I recently was thinking about the conditions under which I take my pictures and determining when to harvest. I’m very new to this (well, growing anyway) and enjoy the learning process. I took this with a Carson Orb at 1600x1200 res. with default settings. I guess I’m wondering if the brightness setting, or any setting, can make it easier or harder to determine trichome color or cloudiness.


Thats a really nice scope you got there. Mine has a ring of LEDs around the end of the scope and I usually have mine on the highest brightness. That seems to take the best pic for me

Nice trichomes, some clear some milky, no amber yet. You must have a few weeks to go.

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On day 76 of 12\12 lights with my Blueberries. I have some pic I think showing amber. Can I get your opinion on another pic with what I’m thinking is amber?

Only if you post it. :laughing:

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Just not quite sure.


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Here what Robert has to say

There is a second method of identifying whether your plants are ready to be harvested or not, in case the pistil method isn’t quite working for you. The trichome method is actually considered the more accurate one, so read carefully for it to truly benefit your judgment around harvest time.

The concept is simple: you simply need to take a look at the trichomes on your plants’ buds to be able to establish whether or not they are ready for harvest. Trichomes are the growths that resemble mushrooms in shape. Some trichomes are known as resin glands, which have a crystalline structure or appear frosty as they grow on the leaves and buds of your plants. If you have ever noticed the stickiness of weed, this is also responsible for that texture.

The trichomes you need to be paying close attention to are the ones that have a little ball on top of them since that is where much of the THC and other fun chemicals are housed. The key is being able to determine when they are at their highest THC level, so when is the peak time for harvesting them. Since it’s difficult to see with the naked eye, you should use one of the magnifying tools listed above to get a closer look.

So when do you know that the trichomes are ready? You need to compare them with the following color and texture rules:

Clear, White Hairs
This is definitely not the time to harvest. If the trichomes are clear, they won’t be potent enough for harvest, and your final yield will suffer because of it. You should wait until nearly half of the hairs are darker in color and are no longer sticking out so straight.

Half Clear or Cloudy Trichomes
It is still rather early for a harvest. The buds have not reached their full-size potential, although they will still produce a high if you harvest them now. This type of high will most likely be more energetic or “speedy.” The strain’s odor will develop further if you wait to harvest.

Mostly Cloudy Trichomes
Congratulations, you have reached the perfect stage for harvesting your buds! This is the point when they have the highest levels of THC, so if you want to maximize your yield outcome then you have to act fast. You will know your plants have reached this stage when 50 to 70 percent of the hairs have darkened from their original white color. Because of this peak amount of potency, the high that comes with the buds harvested at this time will give you some serious euphoria and will even relieve pain. This can be considered the most “intense” high you can get.

Amber and Cloudy Trichomes
This is a bit later than the absolute peak time for the greatest amount of potency, but only because the buds have slightly less THC and more CBN. If you are looking for a more relaxing, anxiety-reducing high, then this could actually be the perfect time for you to harvest. This high is more narcotic and often results in a “couchlock” result. You will be able to identify this stage when 70 to 90 percent of all the hairs have darkened.

You can look even more into the effects of harvesting your buds slightly earlier and later, depending on the exact type of high you are looking for. You can even harvest some during the peak time and some later, giving you a variety of options. Just make sure to label correctly so you don’t find yourself extremely relaxed when you were looking for a more energetic effect.

Hope this helps