My mango wont grow

Photo fem seed
Over a month old closer to 2
Will not grow! I watered as a seedling and she fell over and never recovered. Has huge root ball but plant wont grow. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. I grew these 2 around same time

Sounds like she wants a bigger pot and more room to stretch.

I’d get her in a larger container - 3 gallons maybe, and transplant with a healthy dose of Mykos, Fish Shit, or something similar (microbes and fungi) to help promote healthy roots on transplant and mitigate transplant shock. Water in a wide ring around the area the rootball lives to encourage her roots to stretch out and feel the new soil. She will grow if she has the room to do it. Right now she says there’s something off about her environment. I’m guessing that shock + too small of a container for her root mass would be the combination of culprits to stall her out.

Other questions are: what kind of light (brand, wattage, or make/model)? How many hours of light each day? Humidity in her environment and ambient temperatures?

Also what kind of soil is she in? And how often does she get water?

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I agree with @Graysin. The water is a big part, those leaves almost look like overwatering could be involved and/or too much N.

What soil and what are you feeding/watering and how much.

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Fox farm ocean forest soil. Water when dry every other day or so. Same as all my other plants that are 3-4 ft tall and thriving. Or her sister that i planted a 2 months after her almost and is 8inches tall. She got stunted as a seedling and broke the stem. Now she is a midget. I just transplanted her thats why bottom leaves look that way. Not over under watering. Tried dome over her. Roots are very big. She just wont grow. Propper light and water along woth bergmans seedling fertilizer

18 hr light i have way bigger plants in way smaller containers but im transplanting Wednesday when my new soil arrives along with my biochar. She will be going in a 5 gal cloth pot. Way to big for her but forever home lol. Hopefully all the changes along with the kelp and salmon going on her help. Im scared to use bat guano bc it has burnt my big plants b4.

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Yeah, in fresh FFOF soil, I wouldn’t add anything except microbes, not even the Bergman nutes. FFOF has lots of food already in it.

She has food light and water. She fell over while stretching and never recovered. Idk lol

Help ive fallin and cant grow up

Root zone damage takes time to overcome. Patience is key.