My Lemon Diesel - What's Going on Here?

Hi everybody, I’m a newbie here - I have some questions about some of my plants I have coming up, and might be ready for harvest, but I’m not sure…

Here’s some photo feminized lemon diesel I planted in March, and I think it’s either ready for harvest or really close - but I don’t see any pistils on it! Plus, I think it looks like popcorn…is this good?

It’s super sticky and fragrant - but meanwhile here’s another lemon diesel (its sister plant) and this one looks ‘different’ - any comments or ideas??

They were germinated and planted at the same time and day, but with fall rapidly approaching I’m wondering about harvesting them. The trichomes are a mix of clear, opaque and amber, PLUS I found a small spot of bud rot on one big bud that I went ahead and chopped, mostly just to avoid exposing the rest to that damned botrytis! I feel like I want to harvest this week - but should l I wait?? This is my second grow - I grow outdoors in Virginia and grew some Jack Herer last year - and I have some Durban Poison that I think is just about ready too…keep an eye out in the forum for that!


Awful lot of white hairs still present they say to wait till every pistol goes brown for optimal ripened canabiss

I’m just afraid I’ll miss my ‘window’ - I have a pretty even mix of clear, opaque and amber trichomes…I’m going for (opaque/clear) uplifting and focused, not so much couchlock(amber)…

Well thats the way i like it as well however im just repeating what iv been told for the last 30 years lol its all about personal preference after a certain point i would say if your seeing some amber in the buds than your rite where ya wanna be, chop away