My Grow Journal soil mix

Someone asked me what I used so this is it. No nutes yet.


The soil brand name, “Magic Dirt” made me laugh hard. Thanks for that!

Looks like good stuff! And what a wonderful grow space you have, I saw in your other post. Happy gardening!


Were you get that at

@elheffe702 It’s a new brand I have never seen it before and it is nice! Wallyworld. :woman_farmer:t4:

@Caosred morning! Not sure if I can say where but I will try, Walmart and Home Depot! :woman_farmer:t4:

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No worries, thanks! I’ve been considering mixing up my own soil, thanks for the info.

@elheffe702 I was also thinking about my own soil mix. Lots of well composted and manured garden soil here. Grows veges and flowers swell. I test stripped it out and it looks just under 7 on the PH. But the color strips are not terribly accurate.

And @highcountrygal, gypsum sounds like a plan. Where’d you find that? And the Superthrive?

Yup, like I was saying last night, this is gonna be a grow unlike any I’ve done before. I hope I can remember to relax and keep it natural and fun outdoors in the sun

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@mulegal Gypsum Home Depot Super Thrive at Walmart, they have it at Home Depot but it’s cheaper at Wallyworld. I must warn you gypsum is very, very heavy, a small bag weighs 40#. I just finished spreading it on my citrus trees, roses are next I use it on every thing. Try one with it and one without it. I do not pinch so I have a much hardier stem and branch system and huge colas that stand upright on their own, and they do not need staking. The main stem was almost 5" diameter :woman_farmer:t4::peace_symbol:


Ohhhh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

Very nice!


@elheffe702 The gifts are still unreal and keep givin’ n givin’. I had one 23" cola and several 15" ones. I was blessed for sure out of 8 seeds planted 6 were girls. :woman_farmer:t4::star_and_crescent:

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That’s amazing! You’re definitely doing something right.

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@highcountrygal you sure are doing something right. They are beautiful.

OK, I have access to both WW and home depot.

What strain are those? and did you keep a grow journal? hahaha I think I can learn something valuable here

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@mulegal top picture: front green bucket Space Terror II, Space Terror I, Chuckies Goo I, BTY Chuckies Goo II and Grape Angel in the back green bucket. Bottom pic Space Terror I. Not a written journal but in my head. I have started a journal for this yrs winter grow (Beginners/Grow Journal) and will update it on a weekly basis. I spent the whole entire grow season with the gals. I would come out to the yard about 3 times a day(TOO hot) and go over each and every branch and stem, I watered 3 times a day (too HOT) One other extremely important tool for your repertoire if you have problems with cabbage moths and their vile offspring. It is a must and you start to spray and saturate the whole plant religiously on a weekly basis when about 8-10" tall. For it to work the worms have to eat the bacteria so they are alive maybe a day but they die after that. Spraying can be done up to the day of harvest. I’ll post the pic now.

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Thanks much@highcountrygal. Don’t know those strains…They look great.

Yes cabbage moths definitely show up here. BT good to know.

HOLY S**T! Must be in a nice warm place. New England weather is no friend of mine.

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Thanks so how does it go