My green gaint outside plants to indoor

Look at these baby’s Can u bring a outdoor plant indoor and grow it having trouble with crack heads and thief’s


Dam crack heads :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Yes you can bring them in if your already in pots
Might be harder cause your directly in the ground
When a plant is directly in the soil the root system can be as large as the canopy in diameter but digging up a good size root ball you should be ok
You might stresss them too this late in grow
A good inspection fir bugs is a must
Youd need to invest in some proper lighting also
And all the other equipment needed exhaust fans ect

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I did bring it in but it’s to big to fit in my room

what can I do do make it grow better it’s lacking light

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A 12 gauge shotgun with some home made salt rock rounds will stop people from coming back and you won’t catch a murder charge… :wink:



If it’s legal where you live f@#k em and load live rounds you have the right to protect what’s yours. Put up electric fence


Why don’t you try offering a bit to them as a protection offering?:innocent: crack heads are notoriously good for their word. Haha

Theses are my baby’s and now there getting put in to budding will forward at 12 pm tonight don’t forget to like my post

My outside plants are still ok for now we will see if they make it tell October wish me luck

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