My first try. Critical Purple Auto

Let me start by saying I’ve never really grown anything in my life. Ever. My best friend grows a vegetable garden every year and this year he has really gone overboard. Long story short - I talk him into growing cannabis but he insisted on growing it hydroponically. Now he’s bailed on me and I’m in this by myself. I figure I’d come here with you people for a little support and advice god knows I’ll probably need it. I’ll most likely be using aired out tap water (30 ppm)

My set up

-DWC 5gal
-2W 44GPH elemental air pump
-Large 4in round air stone
-2 1500w led grow lights (veg&bloom switch)
-Critical Purple Autoflower Seeds (Growers Choice)

My nutritient line up

-Armor Si Silica
-Dynagrow Grow
-Dynagrow Bloom
-Beastie Bloomz
-Great White Mycorrhizae

I don’t think I’m leaving anything out but I’ll attach some pics too of how it’s going. So far, I dropped seed in water last night, it cracked and I transferred it over to the rockwool I’ve had sitting in water for 2 days phd at 5.8. Just got to this point an hour ago so I guess now is a good time to start a journal.

Check it out let me know what’s wrong haha

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line up ur grow room to reflect light it helps :grinning:

Consider panda film on the cardboard or paint it white
Itll reflect much more light that way
Goodluck on ur grow. That is the same strain i grew on my first grow. It yielded more than 4 ounces.

Happy growing!!

Yea that’s my next step, I’ve just gotten cheap after jumping in for like 200$ already. I didn’t realize hydroponics was so expensive at first, but I’ve really dived into this hobby head first. I didn’t think I was one of those people that could research something online for like 12 hours before this. Any good priced links anyone could drop me for stuff you think I need? I’m ready for the buying to stop LMAO.

If you’re ready to stop spending money, stop growing now while you’re ahead! :joy:

When you think you’ve finally got everything, you’ll still need more. Lighting, pH/TDS meters, good quality nutrients, and plenty of fresh air would be at the top of my list, as far as where to spend money. I agree with the paint or something more reflective. It’ll help use more of your light, and bulk up the stuff on the sides and lower parts. It looks like you’re off to a good start, and you’re in good hands here. Welcome! :v:


Do yourself and your wallet a favor and get some 23w 6500k cfls, seedlings don’t need both those LEDs


Bring the light closer, wouldn’t hurt to start with distilled water. But to be honest, with you not being really familiar with growing, the best advice I can give you is not to get carried away too quickly. There’s a lot that can go into it and it can get confusing and pretty costly quick. I’d focus on ventilation, lighting, and nutrition. There’s soooo much to learn just from those things. Every grow I do, I try to improve on something a little more each time. Are you doing completely inside, and what strain is it? Good luck man, I’m excited to see more pictures of the grow!

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Ok everybody, I ordered some 2mil Mylar this morning 4x50 so that should be enough to cover the room. The grow will be completely inside start to finish. I don’t know if you guys can tell in the pics but this is actually a room under my stairs. My laundry room is connected to this room, it’s maybe 4 feet away, max. For ventilation I was thinking of getting a fan and carbon filter and connecting the 4inch exhaust to my dryer vent. Would that work? Just a crazy idea I thought of, or maybe idk how any of it works. I’ll post more pics when she pops out and I get the Mylar. In the mean time I’ll find something to prop the tray up so it’s a lot closer to the light. The strain is Critical Purple from growers choice.

Hey #BanannaSlinger I used to use the led lights the pink purple lights. Than I got a quantum board , you were talking about researching a lot about growing. Well I did that with the quantum boards and the drovers and different cob leds . I settled on a quantum board v288 3000k and 4000k together . These boards put out SO MUCH LIGHT . I loved it so much I got a sun board set up with 4 boards that have 98 Samsung leds in them . There the best to get I think. I put two 2700k and two 6500k , these two setups are good to cover a 5x5 . I looked at the light and seriously couldn’t see right for an hour . There amazing and efficient and grow bushes . It’s a task to wire up but the kits are on eBay or the horticulture lighting group web site . But once you try it you never go back. Try soil or coco first , just my opinion.

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Righteous! I love it.

This will absolutely work. The dryer exhaust vent should be 4" as well. You might want to have it professionally cleaned if it’s more than just straight through the wall, prior, just to make sure it’s as clear as possible. Lint builds up in there pretty badly, and might cause issues. I wouldn’t leave the dryer connected to it at the same time, like with a Y or whatever, unless you have something to ensure it doesn’t exhaust into your grow room. And if you’re concerned about the neighbors smelling anything at all, just vent it into the laundry room instead. Then if any smells get by your filter (some will, if you’re doing it right :wink: ), you’re still good.

Right? Lol. I’m only doing one plant, so I’m hoping the smell won’t be too bad. I live in the center of a three unit town home. My laundry room is in the center of my apartment it’s pretty strange but hey that’s where the stairs are lol. So the dryer vents like 25ish feet to the outside and the vents like 10 ft off the ground. I’m hoping the long run and elevated vent can help with smell as well. If this works out and I end up having a good grow I gotta move out of this place haha.

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Ps- couldn’t really fashion a safe way to get the tray closer so I moved the light. Hope that’s good


Mine stank up the whole house with my 4 inch fan and charcoal filter. I added a second 8 inch fan and filter. That controlled the smell…

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okay guys here’s where we are, she’s got maybe a 2.5 inch root coming out of the bottom of the rockwool. When should I transplant to bucket?

Ok well, I hope my impatience doesn’t kill my little baby, she perked up like crazy through the day and the root coming out of the bottom seemed to be getting even longer so I went ahead and did it. Used like 8th strength nutes just for the hell of it and dipped the root and bottom of rockwool in great white. Wish me luck.

Question: Should I dome this thing for added humidity?

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This will work just fine. Last fall I added a small vegetation tent to my setup and vented it directly into the dryer vent. The connector that you want to use is called a wye.


As long as it is mounted correctly (see photo) you shouldn’t have to worry about the dryer blowing anything into your tent. If your fan is on 24 hours a day like most of us have ours, you definitely don’t have to worry about it.
Bonus: Unless you are worried about your neighbors smelling what you are growing, there’s no need for a charcoal filter when you are venting to the outside world.

I’ve seen mixed results with those types of connections, as an appliance repairman. When two dryers are connected to one outlet, and you run only one dryer at a time, one will exhaust into the other partially, through the Y, and you’ll get lint buildup inside the one less used. As long as the exhaust fan is on full time, it should have more power (CFM) than the dryer, and actually improve the efficiency of the dryer slightly!

Guys help, what do I need to do to fix her? I checked her this morn before work (530) and I just got home (400) to find this

what am I doing wrong or is this common?

Ps- rockwool is so wet because I panicked and doused her with distilled water and put a dome on her thinking that might help idk why

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