My first seed planted 4yrs ago still going strong!

So four years ago/threee and a half. i purchased ILGM blueberry photo seeds. I went through the process of soaking it to a wet paper towel to the soil.

This will be her 5th harvest. Every time has been a different pheno. Awesome watching her from a dead stump to a proper bush of ripe nugs. Its getting hard to tell what she wants. Stubborn old broad. Question is do i keep it going, maybe out side. Whats your oldest plant?


@Underthestairs and I were talking about revegging and clones and how long a plant could theoretically go. 4 years is freaking sweet!!! Great job!


I’ve certainly never kept anything alive for that long. :rofl::joy:


2 years is my record. Any problems with disease or other issues?


A year ago I purchased a jet fuel clone from a local supplier. Guy was getting $25 a clone so I made darn sure I got my money’s worth out of it. I grew it out and took my own clones through to last fall when I harvested them, and I had kept two stumps in the pots and set them back under 18 hours of light, took a long time but they both revegged. There are now pictured in my grow Journal. I have six of them going again, one I am spraying with silver thiosulfate to create feminine seeds. And when I am saving to pollinate.
When the two original clones are harvested, they will be somewhere near 15 months old. I do not plan on revaging them again.
This is what their bases look like.

Nothing but a stump with a small Bud on it when I started.


No disease, more of deficiencies. And feed schedules are out.


This was the start of this round.