My 4 blueberry autos 64 days from seed

update of my blueberry autos i planted them on thanksgiving



the tall one looks like a 4 footer.

@mtmakawao oh it is every bit of four foot. the other 3 are about 40 inches. i am so excited. i cant wait to see how much i end up with in the end.

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did you get your seeds from this site?

@mtmakawao i sure did. did you get yours from here as well? how many days from seed are yours?

yes, from here also. first order, all seeds came crushed. they re-sent three more and arrived okay. first sprout was nov. 2.


Look’n good there my friend. Keep us informed on you yeild ok


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@garrigan62. I sure will my friend. i am hoping they will be just about perfect come next months “bud of the month” contest. im so excited

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Good for you i hope you take the prize.
Best of luck.


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thanks man. ill keep you updated. what do you get if you win?

I believe it’s 5 seeds of one strain. Not sure if you are limited on which strains you can choose from.

@hillcrest21678 could answer that for you.

Damn nice and quick grow!

The ILGM BB Autos have been good to me as well.

When are you chopping?
Usually I chop mine about that age, but I don’t look at trichomes…
So I was wondering where your girls are at this age.

they still have a couple weeks to go. i have 2 led light panels that should be here by monday that should really help them come along and fatten up. this is my first grow so im not sure when im going to chop em.