My first LST - did I do it ok?

Those are the flowers. The stuff that dreams are made of.

It’s never too late to manipulate. You’ve got good spacing on your bud sights. Maybe lollipop. That’s up to you.

Looks real good. Keep it up…


Yup, the very beginning of a flower!

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Looking good the hairy lighter growth marks the bud sites make sure you open buds to the light with the LST


Because it is an auto and it is starting flower I would put very in front of LST. Now you want smooth sailing for her so moving branches to the side, light bending and tying is OK.

Hi all,

I did some pruning/defoliating about a week ago to ensure the bud sites were getting sunlight and try to focus the plant on producing bigger buds. This plant just keeps growing more leaves. Should I keep pruning it? Pics below.


Nicely pruned

One week later

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Tagging a few folks this time (hope that’s ok!). Should I defoliate or is it not needed when growing outdoors? Last time I cut most of the fan leaves and leave blocking bud sites the leaves just grew right back and now it’s bushier than ever. There’s bud sites all the way down that don’t seem to get much sun. I’ve heard mixed opinions about defoliating outdoors. Also nervous about stressing the plant too much and causing hermie as I had a few pollen sacks a few weeks back. Cut the sacks off and haven’t seen anymore since. Think I’m about 4 weeks into flower with this GGA.

Thank you!

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I’ve only seen defoliation done indoors. But I’ll tag a few people that grow outdoors

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Do you guys defoliate your outdoor plants at all?


Personally, I just take off the dead leaves and make sure there’s plenty of airflow between the branches. :nerd_face:


Pretty much same here.
Although I will defol later in flower for better air flow. Really prone to bud rot around here.


If any I would get rid of really poor place buds



Rather than thin out the middle how about tying the outer branches gently outwards - you can increase airflow and light exposure for the interior flowers without stripping off the energy factories of your plant.


I defoliated Polly up until a few weeks before harvest. We have real high humidity and I just open up the plant for good air flow.


Look at that beauty!