My first grow.. Strawberry kush ilgm

Currently growing three strawberry kush ilgm seeds in 3gal smart pots. 30 days from seed approx. Using a t5 fixture in a 2x4x5’ tent. Running daytime temps at 75 with nighttime lows at 63. Humidity is around 75%. Plants are 5.5-6" tall and wider yet. Worried 4 bulb t5 isn’t going to cut it… But budget is an issue. If I can get an extra 320 I want to buy the viparspectre par700 to replace it. Or can I bloom with the 4 bulb 4footer with 3000k bulbs. Would be happy with a little more than an oz a plant.

4 days from seed

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Day 30 from seed… Same order as a above


Raised lights for pictures. Have them about 11/2 to 2" above canopy

Looking good brother

looking really good @Actual_E420 i want to try some strawberry kush someday.

Nice healthy looking plants! Good stuff mate! @Actual_E420

Thanks. I’m concerned about bloom tho with the set up I have what do you guys think?

What are your concerns, and what setup do you have? They look pretty good right now!

I think he’s talking about the lighting @kalico

@kalico yes i have a 4 bulb 4’ t5 fixture. I’d switch out the bulbs to more red spectrum but I don’t think it’ll be strong enough.

I bought the Straw K as well, just have one going. Completely new to growing but read it was a relatively easy grow and I like the anti-anxiety properties. I am completely new to growing, like almost embarrassed but lurked long enough and finally registered to start asking questions and maybe eventually contributing …

not sure how the days are tracked, she was dropped in water on Jan 5th, placed in soil on Jan 9th, and this is her today, Jan 20th.


Just tied my second biggest to one side… Trying some lst???

Days from seed i believe is when root breaks through seed. At least that’s what I’m going with. So yours would be like the 6th-7th of January

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I don’t think you will have any trouble reaching your goal of 1 oz per plant!

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Day 31… Last night.
Now she has 6 flowers at right about the same height! Plus smaller ones underneath.

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@CodMan have you done a t5 grow? What bulbs do I use to flower?

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Redstripe @kalico would a marshydro or galaxyhydro 300 being my main light and have the t5 mounted on the back wall with 3500k bulbs be a good set up? Or should I just get the 3500k bulbs for this grow and see what happens

@BIGE @CodMan

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I would use led light as main and supplement with t5 or whatever


I agree with at @Countryboyjvd1971 your Kush plant will need intense light she is going to be a bushy plant. I grew 3 last grow and they were all bushy.

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