My first grow of LSD

5 weeks 6 weeks old ![20190202_075419|690x387]


First time your pretty dam good bro

Thanks , It not my first time growing. Its the first time growing LSD.

Ok I must of read it wrong

Was it a punctuation thing? Like “Let’s eat grandma” vs. “Let’s eat, grandma” maybe? LOL looking good :+1:


Was the LSD easy to grow? I will be doing White Widow for my first grow, but was thinking gold leaf or LSD for my second.

can u give us some good pics under ‘white’ light.!
the HPS orange does not give us good pics, it just makes my eyes hurt.! lol

She was easy to grow .And love to see her grow. Thanks to ILGM​:grin::grin:

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Here are some new pics


Beautiful :fire:

Interlu, ** VERY NICE.!!!**

How was the smoke?

I’m deciding between lsd and cherry pie next

It is very good and I would recommend it too all. Maybe I just like the name. LSD​:grin::grin::grin:

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