My first grow, MAC Stomper (Week 4 Veg)!

Medical Bag Seed.
HLG 100 RSpec
Started in this 2 Gal after paper towel germination.
Happy Frog no amendments.
73 degrees.
Inkbird set to 65% RH.
A fan below and a fan up high making a whirlpool, nothing directly on fan.

5 ish days post FIM. Light LST (the wire is holding down garden ties). Used Captain Jacks Insecticidal Super Soap 15 minutes before bed time to combat some little white bugs. Responded okay.

Everything seems to be going awesome. Eventually going to transplant into a 5 gallon of Ocean Forest. So I dont see the need for any nutrients yet unless someone says otherwise.

This is my veg tent and she’ll eventually be transferred to a flower tent with a Trellis and an HLG 260 RSpec.

Open to advice and comments! I want this to go as awesome as possible :v::v::v:


Looking great! You prob have enough nutes for around 3 weeks in a 3 gal container. Little white bugs… were they hairy looking?

Found this while haresting today. Larf bud so no big deal. It was a wooly aphid.


Plant looks good. I will follow along with your grow.


Looking good brotha man. MAC Stomper is a solid strain.

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