My First Grow Journal

Hello again,
I was curious if anyone has had the chance of using this line for autos? I wanted to grab the Canna CoCo A+B but my local store only had CoCo B but said that this would work too. I wanted to make it easy on me since this is all new to me and found the canna lineup there and herd okay things through research. However, since they didn’t have coco A & b I went with this line. So, pretty much I got all I need according to the schedule. Minus the buffer agent since I’m doing prebuffered cyco Coco Peral mix (70% coco 30 perlite no additives). They also didn’t have cannazyme which I supplemented for sensizym. Since I supplemented this for ,cannazyme should I do the 6ml/gal as Sensi recommends? Also their schedule says to mix the part a&b solution for veg but does not tell me how many ml of each it just shows both of them at 10-13ml for the first three weeks (per Photo Periods). Same for the flower portion of the nutes. Should I just do half and half per schedule recommendations? Also on the schedule it’s clearly for photo periods but I was just going to do it how it says but per week if that makes sense. I couldn’t find a good pic of the specific schedule online so I got one from the store. I’ll throw it in. Also I bought a General Organics Go Box just to have some extra things around and a small bottle of Mammoth P. I may have went a little overboard. But yeah. Should I add this into the regiment. The guy said to use only Distilled water for the Mammoth P as well. Any who, any suggestions/information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


You’ll definitely need coco a and b.
On is a micro nutrient and one is a macro but don’t remember which is which. I have a bottle sitting I wish I could send. Lol.


So I should just get the CoCo A & B then? I have the Cogr A&B for both flower and veg. If I remember right the CoCo A was for veg and part b was for flower. I guess I’m really asking if these Cogr would be an okay substitute for them. I’ll do a little more looking into the CoCo parts and see what the difference between the two is.
Should I just return the Cogr Line keep the additives and just go coco a&b as I originally intended or would these be okay for photo periods down the line in coco?

You can keep it for a future grow. Entirely up to you.

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Honestly I will probably return them since that’s like $80 for the four bottles lol. Buy the CoCo B from them and order the A off amazon or something. I just feel led astray by the garden guy lol. My other question was about supplementing Cannazym for Sensizym. Again garden guy told me this would be a good alternative. The Sensi says 6ml/gal (weekly I believe) and Canna called for 10. Should I just do like 3ml/gal for Sensi but add it in when the Canna schedule suggests? Thanks for the help.

Canna products do not like to be used with other brands and may cause problems for your grow.
Always check the expiry date before purchasing any Canna product, I only use the Canna range to grow Autos year in and year out.
BUT at half strength of what they recommend . …less is more !

have a good read of this … :green_heart:

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Looks like I’ll be returning the sensizym as well lol. Thanks for the read. About to check it out.

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Cool and the Gang !
If you mix nutes always mix into water and not nutes together without water as some weird chemical reaction may possibly happen, also wear eye protection and wash your hands after using as this stuff in its pure form is no friend of skin.

This stuff makes my Colas enormous used with Boost your plants Better Yields and Better Taste with CANNABOOST | CANNA UK and
PK 13/14 Top quality nutritional minerals that stimulate flowering | CANNA UK.
If you want more info then let me know.
As you are growing a few plants you can purchase the smaller bottles .
Canna PK 13/14
Canna Boost Accelerator
Also keep the Canna products in the dark if possible, have fun :sunglasses:

Yup. I got the Boost, Pk, Rhizowhatever lol the whole nine yards. I wanted a nice schedule for my first time and Canna seemed like a good choice. (Maybe not for the pocket lol). We still got a little ways to go before the nutes come in. So I’m hoping to get what I need before then. Still need a Ppm pen as well. Here’s a cpl shots of the lady taking her first steps. Others aren’t far behind as I can see a little tail starting to pop out. They were put in 24hrs after this one. I’ve been browsing the canna website since u posted lol jam packed with info thanks again bud.

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In between writing to you I am curing a wheelbarrow full of big bouncy buds of Gold Leaf Autos and the scent is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

This is the one : Home | Bluelab USA for Ppm and pH equipment.

also this site has some boss info about using Cannam, if you use half of what is recommend, the Canna products will last, I am still using 3 year old Canna Vega and Rhizo.

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Right on Brother. That’s the end goal for sure :blush:. Grats on the harvest! Yes I was going to get the Bluelab PPM Pen as that’s what they had at the store. But unfortunately was the display model, and didn’t wanna sell it. They had a HM PH-80 PH tester however and I like it. Was considering the HM PPm Pen since other ones easy to use. Digital calibration. Yada yada. Maybe they’ll have the Bluelab back in stock when I return the Cogr products. Sounds like you have a busy schedule ahead of you today. Best of luck pal.

Today I am mainly getting stoned, drinking tea,burping the gals, wafting the new trichome rich ginormous buds and having a blast :boom:

This is my gear, where I live a zip of good pot is more expensive than these groovy guys :sunglasses:

Bluelab Grower's Toolbox | Bluelab USA

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Right on brother. Sounds like a good day! I’ll probably go with the Bluelab PPM for sure but since I got the HM PH pen I’ll just stick with it for now. Unfortunately I forgot it was Sunday and the store is closed. Good thing I checked to cause I gathered up receipts and nutes put in car ready to head out and the realization hit. Lol. Smoke one for me buddy. Cheers!
Quick Edit/question.
When I purchased the canna nutes I purchased the CANNA start as well. Which is used for cuttlings/seedlings. But it’s not on the schedule. Do I just implement that into it first two weeks or so and taper off or just return it since I won’t be using cuttlings or would it be beneficial for my sprouts? Thanks

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These are my go-to guys here, they have some great goodies at fair prices so it will be interesting for you to compare prices ; 1£ is worth $1.2337.

I use 2ml per litre of Canna Start twice a week mixed in with the other Canna Nutes.
Although a pro grower I know puts in Tomato Fertilizer (Tomorite) a few times during the grow just to mix things up. where u in usa /me in west britain

I’m in the US. Nebraska to be exact lol. I just pulled the trigger on Bluelab PPm Pen plus the COCO A&B + Cannazym off Amazon. Hopefully it’s not too far out. At this stage in my plant should I start watering with the start/rhizo or let them grow a little more while misting. Then start the schedule? I’ll def check that website out again. I just kind of need it sooner then later u know? I’ll def keep my eye on them for future purchases.

I personaly would wait for a bit more growth, I wait until there are 4/5 sets of horizontal limbs growing…its supper time here so I will send a picture of my new batch which are 33 days old/young tomorrow . :man_farmer:

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Yeah man that’d be great. Thanks for sharing. I’ll just keep misting for now. Hopefully we’ll see them take off here in the next couple days.

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Hey again. I was doing a little more research , yada yada. Cal/mag deficiency seems to be quite a big problem I’ve noticed. Anywho, I Noticed Canna had a CalMag Agent as well that’s recommend for soft waters or RO waters. I have yet to measure my EC of the water from my tap. I do know it’s around 8.5ph if that matters at all lol. I’ll have to wait til the PPm pen comes Friday to do correct measurements. Should this be something I should possibly get since Canna is stubborn when mixing and if I do run into the problem want to be able to solve it with the Canna specific product. Or should my tap have enough EC to hopefully be enough?
Sorry for the late response I realize it’s late were your at.

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pics as promised, (Bergmans Gold Leaf Autos) I started their first feed one week ago and they are 39 days old today from sprouting …

I have had a mental feeding day and pH problems that seemed to hijack my day and I just got it down to pH 6.5 from pH7.7

Your water company should be able to give you the full breakdown, I told mine I was thinking of buying an aquarium and they e-mailed pages of stuff !

I pH measure all liquids before and run off after feeding.

You wrote that Canna is stubborn when mixing, please explain, I always wait a few hours after mixing with water before applying pre lightly soaked water (24hrs old)

Canna Cal-Mag is a great tool from Canna, but you need to know when to use it or you could put the zap on your gals/pot, I refer you to this great book, it invaluable and the hardback edition is very cool indeed. :sunglasses:


Nice. Those look great bud! Sorry to hear about your problem but I’m glad you got it resolved.
As for what I meant about mixing being stubborn I was just referring to when you said they didn’t like to be mixed with other brands. I have general organics CalMag but wasn’t sure if mixing would be okay, if I ever ran into the issue. Really I have no clue lol.
Yeah I’ll have to check that book out. I only have Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes I believe. Always down for a good read. Here’s a cpl pics of the girls today. I should probably stop checking them and let them do there thing. I also had another seed pop today so 100% germination on these so far which is exciting. However my tent is kinda full at the moment with these 3 Three gallons in there. I could squeeze the fourth in im just worried if my light would be efficient to get all four going since the light currently is sitting off to one side more then the other. Sorry kinda rambling at this point. Plus I don’t wanna throw a good seed away… :sleepy:

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