My first grow journal! Not my first grow... Forest Fruits Autofem

Hello ILGM! I am called Filthyhat and I am very glad to be here.

About me you ask? Where do I start… I am rapidly approaching 40, single, and I gave up on having hair a long time ago. I used to grow weed several years ago, but I finally gave it up under fear of getting caught, as it was horribly illegal in my location. But things have changed! It has recently become legal to grow in my state, so I have decided to start my own grow journal.

I work 50-60 hours a week, either at my full time job or doing whatever else I can get someone to pay me to do lol. So I don’t have a lot of time for anything. I also have a VERY limited budget. Thankfully I saved all of the stuff from my former grows! I’m piecing things together as I can, and working with what I’ve got. As it’s been a few years I’m having to relearn things as I go, and some of the technology has changed. My grow is always evolving.

OK now that’s out of the way, on to my setup! I am very proud of my grow and have put a lot of work into it so please be kind! But, please if you have any constructive recommendations or good advice I’m all ears.I also promise to be full of questions. This seems like a pretty great forum from all the reading that I’ve done. I’ve learned a lot already and I definitely look forward to learning a lot more. Here we go!


You will see that I am not much of a housekeeper, but anyway here come some pics!

This is where the magic happens. I designed it to be all sciencey- a self contained SOG box if you will. I never actually got around to doing SOG lol, but I did have a good time building the cabinet. Some of the ideas I had in the construction of the cabinet didn’t pan out, some did, and some never got implemented. We’ll start from the top left.

This is the “Equipment Room”. This is where you were supposed to find all of the switches, most of the power cables, and the fans and air pumps. As you can see some of that made it in and some of it didn’t. The walls of this compartment are lined with styrofoam and MDF as an attempt to deaden any sound that came from the stuff inside. This was because when I built the cabinet it was still very illegal to grow pot in my state, and I didn’t want people in the living room wondering what that sound was lol. Down one floor and around the corner…


Glad your getting back into it, my state also just made it legal to grow, Vermont here. I am approaching the end of my first grow, and having a lot of fun doing it :smile:. Good luck to you !!!

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Over here you will find the “Veg Room” above, with the “Mother Room” below.

This has ended up being used as the clone room, the seedling room, and the veg room over time. I used to have a nifty little squirrel cage fan in here that finally gave out on me so now you can see the two reclaimed PC fans doing their thing. I have had great luck using this light fixture with the daylight cfl’s for vegging. As you can see I had to make it flat to conserve what little vertical space I have. Regardless I have grown plants that look like little cabbages under here.


Hey thanks Pat! I love growing pot. It’s always been like an obsession, and the rewards are outstanding. Good luck to you too!

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Good looking box

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Down one floor please good sir…

And if you’ll look straight ahead you may see a glimpse of the rare and endangered “Mother Room”. It is said that this particular room was repurposed several times throughout history, and now contains the reservoir for my nutes. I had originally run DWC tubs for my first few grows, having adapted the design from a post in another forum years ago by Rumpleforeskin. His bubble buckets were the inspiration for my hydro setup, but then I had the brilliant idea of hooking them all together and using a reservoir. That way I could just check the pH and add water all in one place. Thus was born my RDWC rig! I thought at the time that I had come up with it myself, but a little searching on the forums of that era brought me to a tutorial on exactly how to build it! I don’t remember who posted that write up or I would give them thanks. But anyway it works like intended.

And once everyone is back inside we will proceed to the last stop of the day… The “Flower Chamber”!


I swear that light looks almost white in person. It’s a BestVA Reflector Series 1200W. The actual draw according to my kill-a-watt is 257 glorious watts of electric goodness. This is my first LED grow light and my first grow using this light. Before I was running a 400w MH that I bought from a guy on craigslist and a budget 400w hps that I got online. I had success with those, but my buds always seemed airy and loose. A few weeks ago when I started researching again I read so much about LED lights that I couldn’t see straight. I decided to give it a try but got overwhelmed by the amount of information on the web.

So I got really stoned one night and ordered this one. The price was reasonable enough I suppose and I got free two day shipping! It seems to be working so far but I guess we will see how the grow goes. One complaint I have so far is that the footprint of the light seems really narrow. I have trouble getting the light to cover all three of the plants that I currently have under it. Once they get bigger this should be less of an issue.

I like how they’ve got a little pot leaf carved right in lol. :yum:

I guess I burnt up my maximum replies for the day, I didn’t know there was such a thing or I’d have planned accordingly. So I’ll just edit this one some more.

The three plants I have growing right now are a strain I like to call “Grab Bag”. Now one would probably guess from the name that these are plain old run of the mill bag seeds. That person would be exactly right lol. See, like I said it has been a few years since I grew pot, but if I’m telling the truth it hasn’t been quite that long since I tried to grow pot. Why, just a few months ago i started sixteen seeds. What about those? What happened to those plants? They died.

We didn’t hold a service and really didn’t make a fuss over it either way, but maybe we should have. They was just little ones. Poor little fellers never had a chance.

How it went was I started those seeds and once i saw the first leaves I put them in net pots in small rubbermaid tub with a bubbler. I fought hard against skyrocketing pH levels for days until eventually I was defeated. What I didn’t realize is that the tub was no longer lightproof, having flaked most of its paint from the underside. In retrospect I’ve decided that algae was the cause of that whole calamity. Just another learning experience. Huck em in the bin.

So before I took a chance with my precious feminized sativa seeds that I ordered from Amsterdam of all places, I figured I’d give it a trial run. I read and read, and I read. I dove in and started eight more seeds. I learned from my mistakes. I made adjustments based on observation and so forth. These plants are doing much better. They made it to the Flower Chamber. Well three of them did.

And here we are. They seem to be doing good under the LED. I’ve given them half strength nutes according to the Lucas method that I’ve used in the past with the GH nutes. Theyre thriving.

So, I started my “real” grow. When I made my order from unnamed Amsterdam seed bank they gave me five free seeds. They were Forest Fruits, autofem. I had never even considered such a thing, but there you have it. Three days ago I poked four of them into rapid rooter plugs and put them on the heat mat.

They don’t look amazing. I think it might be too hot in that compartment for them. Originally it was planned for that section to not have its own fan. The air was supposed to be pulled through a light trap into the flower chamber by the main ventilation fan and out from there. But that doesn’t seem to work. It’s OK when I’ve got the main light in the flower compartment turned off, but when all the lights are on the veg room seems to get too hot. It doesn’t make sense to me but there you have it.

I’m also discouraged by the fact that only two have germinated so far. I have four sites in the cabinet and since they’re autoflowers, I figured I’d like to have four of them in there. The stakes are high right now. I only have one more seed, Lord knows why I didn’t just start it too.


Looks good. I’m not an inside grower but i like that box you made. So about the seeds, maybe try without the heat mat underneath? That could also help reduce a little heat. I have planted 4 seeds and had 2 come up but about a week later or so bam the other ones came up. Sorry i dont have much but hope your babies make it. Happy growing :grinning:

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I love the DIY stuff, good work! Welcome to the forum. You’re in the right place. You’ll get lots of help here, and everyone is pretty chill. The restrictions on your account as far as posting, replying, etc. should be lifted fairly soon.

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Love the build! Awesome storytelling as well. Im not much of a hydro guy (yet) but ill be watching in my corner anyway. Good luck with the girls. And be patient (aka drop the last bean but dont kill the 3 late arrivals) if all else fails ull have ur 3rd almost on the same schedule. If not ull have 6 instead of 4 but :man_shrugging:t5: Who doesnt want more pot.

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Thanks Ryry I haven’t pitched em yet. I’m still hoping for great things from those two seeds lol. I had to buy some stuff at 20 a g a few days ago and this has got to stop.

Yeah elheffe I spent a lot of time building this stuff way back. I used to make a lot more money, and materials used to be cheaper. If I had it to do over again, it would probably be tents or diy pvc panda film boxes. But thankfully I kept all of this stuff. Otherwise I definitely couldn’t afford to replace it all right now.

I forgot over the last few years just how much I do love growing pot, but man it is an all consuming thing for me. Get home, get on the forums and read. Check my plants about every thirty minutes lol. Worry about them while I’m at work, all that stuff. They grow fast! but somehow not fast enough…

Off to work. Everyone be good and have a good day :wink:

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Hey PurpNGold thanks for the kind words. I actually went hydro right from the start, I never even tried growing in soil so I don’t really know the advantages of either one. I kind of figured that if I was going to learn to grow I might as well learn to grow hydro. I do know it’s supposed to be faster.

The lilttle ones are looking better today! Well at least the one is. The other is not looking as hot but it has been growing.

I call them Roxanne and Felicia. Guess which one is Roxanne…

I’m really hoping that the yellowed baby leaves and brown tip on Felicia were caused by temperature. I’ve kept them both in their humidity dome pretty much their entire lives and have given them nothing but water. On the last run I actually kept the babies moister but this time I seem to be scared of mold or root rot or something. Be assured that despite temperature they have never even come close to drying out. Stressful times indeed.

Needless to say I will continue to look in on them every seven to nine minutes until I’m smoking the dessicated remains of their reproductive organs.

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Still no love from the other two seeds. I think PurpNGold74 may be on to something with the germination of the other seed. Since they’re autoflowers I don’t guess it really matters whether they’re on the same schedule or not though so I may kick it about a bit longer.

On the plus side the meantime gals seem to be doing real well.

I turned the light out so that we could see how they look in the real light, but lighting isn’t that good in that room, and my cheap chinese camera actually doubles as a cheap chinese phone. Either way they seem to be doing real well. I don’t remember what day I actually started the seeds but if the dates of my amazon orders are any indication I think it was 24 days ago.

I’m not really looking forward to kicking these ladies out on their own but I will need the space for my new girls. Sorry sweethearts but the cards were stacked against you from the start. I really just used you to help get over my deep seated insecurities after that last trainwreck. I was so scared of being hurt that I guess I never thought about how I might hurt you. It’s not you, it’s me, really.

I reckon I’ll plant em in the yard and let them fend for themselves. I think it may be late in the year but maybe they’ll make something. Or not. Whatever just leave.

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looks like their saying flush me, i’m too young for nutes… just my 2 cents. happy growing!

Do you think so? I haven’t given them any nutes. Are there nutes in the rooting plugs right out of the bag?

this is what i was talking about… from above

Oh no that’s the ones in the flower chamber. Do you think they look like they should be flushed? I thought they were looking pretty good. The babies are on straight tap water.

no they look real good. thought you said you gave nutes to seedlings, your all good.

Oh ok lol. I’m willing to try anything at this point I want these seeds to do well. But yeah I tend to err on the side of not enough nutes, I have burnt the piss out of some plants in the past. I was starting to think that the big plants were about ready to go on full nutes but like I said I’m hoping to ditch them for the seedlings before too long.