My first grow journal, 4 weeks into flower

just at 4 weeks into flower, starting to smell kinda like ass but lets hope that changes :joy:. Look good?


Looking good so far. I can’t smell my plants growing. If it’s smelling like ass you may want to look at all the bud sites. The few times I could smell my plants had a lemon pine smell to them.

Looking great! Smell will come.


Looking good so far. What are you growing in? Soil?

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Yes, im growing in Fox Farm Ocean potting soil. 75% soil 25% Perlite.

I check them daily and see nothing out of the ordinary. The smell was very odd to me so i was thinking maybe mold or something and inspected top to bottom and found nothing. Maybe its just the strain or maybe its just me lol.

@NewbieNick which strain is it? I don’t know of a strain that smells like someone’s arse crack.

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Its bag seed, i got it from my dispensary in an 1/8th i had so i actually know the strain. Rojo Dawg #15. I shouldnt say “ass”, but it does not smell good or quite like weed idk like i said it could be just me.

Never heard of it but out of the 100 plus strains I’ve smoked, not one smelled like arse. Or anywhere near to a funky smell.

I’d definitely give it a through all checked because mold will smell like that. I’ve never seen bud rot in person.

Is the soil pretty wet because if it is, maybe something is off with it and it is giving off a strange smell.

What kind of lights you have?

No i have no issues with the soil being wet or anything. All my controls are perfect just smells weird and not bud rot i checked.

HLG 300 v2

Maybe its your fingers?

Sorry, couldn’t help it…


@AAA Better the fingers than the mouth…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Now playing catch up on the posts. Must have coffee.

I’m only on my third grow. I’m 19 days into flower. But I smell a really grass or kinda a wet grass smell. But it’s only in lights out. I smelled it last time too. The good smell will come. But I have heard some plants don’t really smell at all. :v::call_me_hand:

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Some plants are definitely more fragrant than others. I still haven’t grown a Skunk one yet as I o ow the whole house will smell wonderful. I don’t use a filter for the smell.

update on my bud sites, i dont have a microscope yet or a loop so i did my best. Let me know what you guys think.


I think your close. But I would wait another week or two mabee three. Others will chime in that are more experienced than me. But I wait till the hairs are shrinking and almost all amber. Then I start looking at the trichs. You’re looking awesome. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand: