My First Grow ever The420Farmer

So I am going to attempt my first grow ever and have everything ordered I think I need except seeds. I was thinking white widow . I have heard it is a good beginners strain. Unless you guys can recommend a different one.
My grow will be 4 plants in a 4x4 tent. I am logging everything in my you tube channel but not sure if II am allowed to post the link to it here since some of the videos have amazon affiliate links in the description.

Also was wondering if anyone here has experience here having seeds shipped to Canada. If anyone could give me some feedback i would greatly appreciate it.

I will post updates on my grow as it evolves currently waiting on supplies to arrive.



I’m still waiting for seeds I ordered out of Europe almost 3 months ago…the seeds I ordered from Quebec are in my tent atm. Canada post sucks at delivering atm and customs is swamped. Imo if your wanting to start soon find a Canadian supplier and get started then order from ilgm just to fill your wait time.

Not sure. but…can’t you buy seeds from a grow store?

ILGM orders arrive with blazing speed. most of the seeds will hatch…after that it’s up to YOU

Recommend getting a digital pH meter and ppm meter if you don’t have one already. I use IGM for my seeds and got my last batch in 7 days. Good luck

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tried to order from IGM but they don’t ship to Canada ended up going with I49
got some some GG4 seeds.

I did order a digital PH meter everything i ordered is in a youtube video I can post here if I am allowed

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