First timer here. First grow

I have learned a lot here already and I appreciate the knowledge shared on this forum.
Working on my first grow and have almost completed my grow area.
Ordered White Widow af with Nutes
Germinated over the weekend and I am pleased to say I have 100% success.
Starting to get a little excited to see what we can do.
Thanks ILGM for being here for us


Hey welcome to ilgm!!! are you going to start a grow journal would love to follow along

Yes will attempt a grow journal.


Awsome tag me when you do just put @Cyle1

Journal is not just for others. Its nice to be able to go back and see what you did right. Or wrong


I would enjoy watching also put @Amazon66 Happy growing


Welcome to ILGM @dragsterdad! :v:

Thanks for the welcome. Hornhead you are right. My memory is shot so a journal is in order.
I finally settled on Pro mix for a medium to grow in. I have seen it recommended on here and it was all I could find around here.
More will be revealed


I used Pro-Mix HP a lot and it is great. Make sure you have a pH meter. 6.2 is a good nute pH for pro-mix.
And welcome to ILGM forum! :wink:

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Welcome to forum. Great folks here , some with vast experience some newbies. Everyones willing to help & if we don’t know we can tag someone. To send a message to someone specific olace an @ sign with name, no space.
Happy Growing

Welcome mate, keep it up! Check the forum regularly and you will find a lot of answer if you have problems