My first gold leaf grow

So I did my first gold leaf grow and it had sprouted and grew its first 8 weeks from seed in a 2x4 ac infinity with the evo light along with 7 other super skunk autoflowers in my dads tent. He didnt want the gold leaf photo because he was growing autos so he gave it to me. As soon as I got it I transplanted it out of its 3 gallon fabric pot with 5050 happy frog and ocean forest soil and put it in a 7 gallon fabric pot with 70/30 coco and ocean forest amended with gaia green all purpose and gaia green worm castings. At that point I topped it multiple times because it had been untrained and tied down the big branches to even out the canopy and fill the tent wall to wall, then vegged her 2 more week in my 2x2 ac infinity with the 2x2 ion board light. I kept running the 2x2 light for 2 weeks into flower from flipping up untell I put an ac infinity 3x3 light in there to grow the rest of the way supplying recharge and silica rotationally from flip to week 4. Week 5 I messed up on the ph of advanced nutrients grand master feed (first time doing this recipe) and feed to much and had a ph issue, this was my only issue I had i think and ive learned from it. Week 6 was just water, Week 7 from flip I introduced tnb c02 for 2 weeks and only feed them just addatives 1 time like b52, nirvana, bud factor x, diablo monster frost, and mollases then on week 8 I added canna pk and ac infinity uva lights for 8 hours a day. From then on untell harvest which took 10 and a half weeks from flip I was just giving just distilled water.

I know i could of done better, maybe switch up when i feed and definitely dont listen to advanced nutrients on how much to add. I ended up with almost 5 ounces dried and had it tested at 20.06% thc. So what do yall think?


Looks like you did a fantastic job. 20% is something to be proud of.

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o cool I got a reply lol thanks, I was actually hoping for more since my previous credendo rbx 1 grow was 20.5% but im still hapoy, just needed more yield.

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Anything over a qp per plant indoor is a pretty decent yield in a smaller space like that! I have 4 plants in a 3x3 and hope for a lb total. Sometimes I get a little over sometimes a little under. Some cultivars just don’t produce those higher yields.

Was that crescendo an ethos ? I’ve heard that those are some nice plants.

Potency doesn’t necessarily make or break you either. Terp profile plays a roll in effects to I believe. I’ve had some flower that was 15% mess me up way more than stuff that was supposed to be 25%+.

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yeah the cresendos were an ethos grow. i have a 2x4 also and have more cresendos in their now. i just see these youtubers like 420 getting 8 ounce to 3/4 ounces off of one plant and thats what I was shooting for.

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1/2lb plants are LARGE plants usually. This is an ILGM G13 that a friend and I grew together. 10 gallons of coco in a 4x4 with 450watts and it yielded a little over a lb.


dude them collas are fat fat, thats what I want, really nice. I want to grow another g13 one day, I have some big bud ii just flipped into flower today in that 2x2 hopefully it turns out nice.

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this was my last cresendo bud


That looks like it was a nice frosty grow!

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You have done a find job gold leaf one of my favorites.

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it was for sure